How to get a divorce from her husband ?

How to get a divorce from her husband ?

Divorce - a formal divorce.This process is accompanied by moral torments and experiences.Previously, in the days of our grandmothers, divorce was not as common as it is now.Let's analyze in this article such a thing as a divorce, the entire procedure step by step look at how fast to divorce her husband.

terrible word divorce

There are cases of divorce on the second day after the wedding.In each pair, for the dissolution of marriage have their own reasons.In the process of a divorce one spouse may want to be the sole guardian of the children, some timeshare property.But not infrequently there are times that one of the couple does not want to leave or consider the reason for divorce is not significant.If you visit a thought: "I want to divorce her husband," you can go to the registry office.In the absence of children and unresolved property disputes, you will dissolve in a jiffy.But if you have any complaints, it would be necessary to go through the courts.Do not worry, it's not as scary as it see

ms at first glance.

Before divorce her husband, you have to think about it and decide whether or not you are ready to delete this person from your life, and what you expect from a divorce.

peaceful solution

There are cases where the former spouses try to resolve all issues peacefully.To do this:

  • Have notarized, the marriage contract.
  • Settlement Agreement, issued by the judge.

Keep in mind that the presence of a lawyer in court is not necessary.During the divorce drawn up a prenuptial agreement, which is governed by the Family Code of the legal, notarized.

In order to sign the settlement agreement is necessary that both spouses have agreed to this, and that is very important, not adult children were absent.

divorce without the consent of the second half

Let's try to understand the situation as a divorce without her husband's consent.So, if you decide to file for divorce, and the husband does not support such a decision, do not worry, the marriage can be terminated by a unilateral statement, but only in a few cases:

  • If the husband is enrolled, the person missing.And this fact is recognized by the court.
  • If the spouse is incapacitated, it is acknowledged and confirmed by the court.
  • If your husband is at this moment in prison for more than three years

In this case, the marriage is terminated one month after the submission of the application you through the registrar.

presence of young children

you think of the fact whether a divorce with her husband, but worried about how, to be with young children.Then you should know that divorce is only possible through the courts.One parent wakes be able to visit his in the days and time set by the court, and the other to live and bring up all the time.

Signs that it is time to divorce

  • You have no strength to look at the problem of philosophical or humorous.
  • you dream about making better half went somewhere to stay.Loneliness does not scare you, but rather beckons.
  • you think that over time the relationship becomes worse and worse.
  • If you have to start a new day with the phrase: "There is no perfect people," "Everything is so tormented," "How many more I do not tolerate it," etc.

If you have a family life is not so..smoothly as we would like, try to fix any problems.And only if this does not work, think about divorce.According to statistics, of the 1,000 couples, approximately four hundred and fifty apply for divorce.It is not strange, but in times of crisis, people have less divorce, it is not due to the fact that they have to love each other.Everything is much more banal.During the divorce will have to share accommodation, to spend money on lawyers, as well as cheaper.

Now you know how to divorce her husband, but you should bear in mind that with divorce your life does not end, but rather on a new line.Why tortured and suffering, has become a stranger to you, man, if you have the opportunity to regain happiness.You can also read our article "Should I divorce?".