How to harden ?

How to harden ?

Health - is not only a welcome strengthening the immune system, drugs.Proper tempering - this is what you will probably provide the body a fortress and freshness of the skin.Let's talk today and hardening rules.So:

How to harden?

incorrectly assume that the tempering means by itself is only water procedures.Quenched can be a variety of ways.Air and sun baths, foot baths, rubbing, swimming in open water, contrasting procedures, walking barefoot - all these measures do not exclude all tempering procedures list.

necessary to harden your body, using all procedures in the complex.One and the same method should be repeated more than once.Also, the gradual hardening characteristic set their intensity.That is, everything starts small and ends up larger and larger number of procedures and specifications.

How to harden the water?

Water quenching should start with wiping.We need to pick up the water to cool off, which would correspond to the temperature of the skin in the region of the heart.Typically,

the body temperature in the heart of an adult is 31 degrees.After rubdowns need to proceed with the pouring.Use water, which is higher than the previous one or two degrees.Reduce the temperature of the water gradually.reducing the rate for adults is 12 degrees.Should be poured the whole body, and lasts no more than three seconds.If after a cold burn you will feel a rush of heat, then pouring carried out correctly.The easiest way to perform a proper pouring pouring the bucket of water.Another way - this is diving under the water, corresponding to the desired temperature.Less effective way of pouring - is to use the shower.The fact that the water falls on your body is not a single of his weight and control the flow.The effect of the soul is much weaker than the effect of a bucket of water.The jets that flow through your body time to warm up, as their way down.This factor and provides the lowest efficiency of the soul.

Remember one important rule when pouring to properly tempered with cold water.Pouring apply to already warmed by the body.In no case do not start pouring cold on the body and muscles.Do not pour, and if you sweat.To warm up the body before pouring advised to use simple physical exercises.After pouring do not advise sponge oneself down with a towel.It is necessary to go to a warm place and try to dry by means of the same simple exercise.In the room there should be no drafts.

How to start to harden?

There are rules that allow you to gradually drawn into a water quenching system.Any thing you need to start small.Here is what can be done to adapt to cold water:

  • Before pouring cold water should be poured over a bucket of warm water.
  • should start dousing with no buckets with water, and the usual shower.The so-called douche help you with this.The following sequence will help you harden: comfortable hot water - cold water is comfortable - comfortable hot water - cold water comfort.Most importantly, the water temperature was comfortable.This is the psychological moment, which is important for the body's physiological addiction.Initially hostile environment will be rejected in the following experiment.