From what to wear jersey ?

From what to wear jersey ?

least one sweater everyone has, after all sweaters in the winter become real rescuers from the cold.Many people love the sweater, not only because they are warm, but also for the fact that different sweaters can be their own way to combine with other clothes, creating new images every time.If you also like the sweater, but do not know what they can be combined, in addition to jeans, we will help you decide what to wear a sweater to look even more attractive.

sweaters in your wardrobe

To sweater did not bother, and walk-in closet was always varied, you need to buy some sweaters models.This allows you to always be unique and stylish:

  • Scandinavian sweater - a sweater made of wool with geometrically arranged patterns, Christmas trees or reindeer, and other topics for the winter.It goes well with ski suit, but if you do not do winter sports, it is perfect for trousers or jeans.
  • Cardigan or pullover - such sweater can be combined with scarves or wear under their shirts peeping out from under their
    collars.If the sweater is thin, it can be worn on top of a vest or a jacket.
  • tunic sweater - a sweater that has a length just above the knee, and below it you can not wear a skirt or trousers.This sweater can easily replace standard short dress, just pick up the warm-colored tights.
  • Cardigan - this sweater is very often referred to as a long jacket.Cardigans worn over shirts, jumpers or dresses.

From what to wear knitted sweater

Sweater such a plan is better to buy single color, and the beauty of it is in the bill itself binding.That is why, to this effect is not distorted, knitted sweater should not be worn with colorful things and with accessories in a strip or a cage.To him it is to pick up a large jewelry better without too much shine.Such a sweater good fit trousers, a pencil skirt or jeans, the jeans is better not to fill in the shoes as his feet will look lean, and shoulders - wide.

From what to wear long sweater

Long considered a sweater that falls below the hips.If the sweater is located between the thighs and knees, this sweater-tunic, but if a sweater somewhere at knee level or below, this sweater-dress.

  • In any case, you can make a choice - whether to wear for such a thing narrowed jeans or pants, or wear a long sweater as a dress with tights.Another option - wear a long sweater with leggings or tights.But avoid the combination of long sweaters and skirts!
  • sweaters that wrap around the body, look great with a wide belt at the waist.
  • be ideal shoes to be long sweater boots with high tops or boots.Also, if you are not afraid to put their foot on the review, you can combine these sweaters to boots.

From what to wear white sweater

  • If your style is more to do with sports, then this sweater will be combined with sports-type trousers and jacket.Also white sweaters are perfect for walking on skis, and complement the image of the scarf and hat.
  • In a walking embodiment of the white sweater is best to combine with blue jeans, brown boots and with a short sheepskin coat with fur.This image perfectly completes the long scarf that is wrapped around the neck.
  • How to wear a sweater for each day?The answer is simple - combine it with a big bag, a skirt in a cage and boots classical style.
  • also will look great white sweater on a family celebration complete with classic trousers or a long skirt and beautiful.As the most suitable accessories chain with a pendant, necklace or bracelet, as well as the clutch.

I hope these small but useful tips have helped you understand how to properly wear a sweater.Remember that sweater can be not only a nice warming garment, but also a tool of creation of your style in the cold season!Wear not only warm sweaters, but also beautiful!