What to make of the T-shirts ?

What to make of the T-shirts ?

Do not rush to dispose of old t-shirts.Adults, children, torn, whole, faded, all useful.You currently can not even imagine how many useful things can be made from T-shirts.By the way, if they themselves can not or do not like, "be creative", then donate the old friend-shirts Needlewoman and show her this article.Then look at the result.

fate of old T-shirts

As a rule, we otvozim old T-shirts to the country or give them the status of home clothes, or in extreme cases, tear to shreds and rags.So, you can wear both at home and at the cottage nice clothes, but as T-shirts, then they should not be thrown away.You may ask, what can be done from the old T-shirts?At least a dozen new and interesting things, which is certainly not one will be.You'll have a very unique and creative.

Doing hair accessories

Jersey itself has a special weave that prevents the edges torochitsya and crumble.Therefore, T-shirt and has a special, universal structure that eliminates the need for processing the edges and seams.

That is why we can reincarnate the old shirt in a new, made our own thing.Start by creating ideas that make T-shirts.

If you try, it will turn out a stylish and original hair accessory.

  • T-shirt should be cut into strips of width 2.5 - 4 cm.When we weave, they become much thinner;
  • first five strips need to sew together, with one side and then you can start weaving;
  • When finished weave, you need again to sew strips together to secure the braid;
  • Then you need to make the braid so that left a ring the size of the head;
  • Then you need to prepare a rectangular section of T-shirts, in order to hide the seam line;
  • Carefully sew the fabric, thereby hiding the raw edges.

We must remember that all joints should be located on the inner side of the rim obtained.And then indulge in your imagination.The color combination and weaving it's your choice.


Another option that can be made from T-shirt is an original scarf.

These scarves are usually like to wear bloggers, and worth noting that on the Internet there are many variations of this idea.There is nothing easier than to make a scarf.

  • Again, use the idea with stripes;
  • are taken T-shirts of different colors and textures and cut into long strips the width of about 3-5 cm;
  • Some strips have to be woven into braids, leave some free, here, too, everything depends on your imagination.

scarf ready for use.

Dress shirts

You will not believe, but from old T-shirts can be made even dress.

dress is very simple from a T-shirt.

  • We need to start to make a close-fitting blouse, to carve out of this semi-circular sides of the neck and make a deep neckline;
  • From another T-shirt cut out skirt, ie the lower part of the dress;
  • Sew it together, if desired, can be made with buttons;
  • then cut from the remnants of the two shirts cut into strips;
  • From small scraps to sew flowers or bows, for it will need just a couple of needle movements;
  • From tapes to weave braids in order to sew them on the edge of the sleeves and the neck;
  • And flowers decorate the corset, that is, the top of the dress, you can sew them on the buttons.

All are willing to pay.Carry on health.Now that you know how to make T-shirt dress.


to the board, you can create a suitable decoration.In this little hard to believe, but true.Indeed, from an old t-shirt you can make beautiful, stylish decorations.This bracelets, rings, brooches.

  • need to ring a mug from the same T-shirts.Diameter 3-6sm, circle of parolona, ​​preferably thin, adhesive and one strip to the ring itself, which will be around the finger;
  • Merge mugs so as to obtain a flower on the foam layer pasted cloth;
  • is made from strips of the ring itself, investing inside a dense material stiffness;
  • circle Putting the finger and flower.

ring ready.Hit all its originality.

What else can make t-shirts

Ideas just nemerenoe amount importantly include fantasy.You can make a string bag for vegetables or shoes, laptop bag, mobile phone, a beach bag.Also strips can be knit from a dense fabric that can be used for almost anything, for mats and for further tailoring of warm sweaters.You can also create cushions for the furniture and all sorts of bows and many other things.

Well, if you do not want this "bother" you can just do print on the shirt, ordered it in the print shop, and thus breathe new life into your old t-shirt.

So, in any case, do not throw t-shirts, they do a lot of useful things.And now you are convinced of this.Also on our website you can read the article "How to make an inscription on a T-shirt?".