How do pompoms ?

How do pompoms ?

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How do pompoms?

pompons - is a great decoration for a variety of products, but above all - for clothing: hats, scarves, etc.Make these beautiful balls of yarn often.There are several options for the manufacture of pompons, and now we will look at them.We will start with how to make pom-poms of the thread - or more precisely, out of yarn.Consider two ways, and then give the option of manufacturing the original pompons for support groups.

How do pompoms from yarns

First of all, I would like to note that to make a decoration can anyone, because of its manufacturing technologies are fairly simple.So, the way first how to make pom-poms.We will need: yarn itself, thick cardboard and scissors.The yarn should be selected by, volume opportunities.This kind of stuff is not so important: fit and Melange Yarn and wool, and even synthetic.Take the cardboard and cut it out of two pieces, each of which shall be equal to twice the diameter of pompoms, plus one and a half centimeters

.Then you need to cut circles in both center - a round hole should be equal to about one-third the diameter of the full range.Now thread start winding our rings so as to completely fill in the circles.Try to wind the yarn as closely as possible, as this will depend on the density and fluffiness pompom.Then put your scissors between the two circles and cut the yarn on the perimeter of the workpiece.Of course, the yarn when it is necessary to hold that it is not moved from cardboard.After we cut the yarn, it is necessary to seal the thread, the thread between the workpiece and obomi circles, wound yarn, tie a tight knot in the thread.Do not forget to leave the thread ends are long enough so you could attach the pompom to any product.All that's left - is to remove the cardboard, which makes a cut from the edges of the cardboard circle to the center and take out them.That's all - our pompom ready.If necessary, then align it with scissors.

Another way

This option is how to make pom-pom on his hat, much easier the previous one, but the carton blank will still have to make.Cardboard can take and not very tight.The workpiece is a rectangle whose width is approximately equal to the diameter of the pom-pom.Approximately - because the amount of pompoms will depend on the thread that you use, and how much will need to trim a pompom after manufacture.The die cut blank, do a longitudinal section about the middle.Now take the yarn and slip the thread in one end of the cut so that the length allowed then the resulting tie pompom.Next you need to wrap the thread around the workpiece as long as the yarn does not close all the blank up to the top.Try to wind the thread as close as possible to each other - then pompom turn lush and beautiful.Once finished the winding, tie a thread in the middle of the end, that you have left at the beginning.Then remove the workpiece from the future pompom scissors and cut the thread from both sides.Look at pompom - quite possibly will have to trim it to make it nice and neat.If pompom seems too big, it's time to reduce it.Just do it carefully, because the increase pompom has not come out again - will have to make a new one.This production method is suitable for the fact that you do not have to make every time a new blank - a cardboard enough for a lot of pompons.

pompons and Sports

pompons for competition, you will need to make if you are an active member of the support of a sports team.The so-called cheerleading (from the English. Ā«CheerleadingĀ», ie the management support group) is a sporting competition between the various support groups.Of course, this action is necessary and special props.And one of the essential attributes of any support group, of course, are pompons.Pompons not only from fabrics, and plastic, which may be made of any different color packages.And it is on their production technology, we now discuss.

How do pompons of packages

So, take a few plastic bags of the desired color and decompose them.In order to correct their expanded, for a start, cut the handle (if any), pull out the bags and put them along.Then you need to cut the package to get a flat rectangle.After that we put the bags in half, but this time across.Now cut free of the strips.Cut the strips in the direction of the fold to about the middle of our products.We need to try to smooth the strips were obtained, that is the same thickness.After narezhete packages thus turn the entire structure tube and tie to get a handle tape or electrical tape.That's all: our pom-pom for support groups ready.As you can see, simple technology, however, if some things were not clear to you, the internet can always find a video, how to make pom-poms Cheerleading.