How do kanzashi ?

How do kanzashi ?

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How do kanzashi?

kanzashi - a hair ornament.They have long been used in Chinese and Japanese hairstyles.Now these ornaments have become very popular not only in the eastern countries, but also far beyond their predelami.Tsvety kanzashi can be used not only for the manufacture of hair ornaments (rezinochek, pins, rims), but also to use as a decoration, creating original interior.

Today let's talk about how to make kanzashi, Occupational give for the manufacture of jewelry by hand.

Tools and materials

To produce flowers kanzashi you need:

  • satin ribbons, rep silk in different colors;
  • Scissors;
  • candle or lighter;
  • glue "Moment-gel";
  • Pencil or chalk;
  • line;
  • Tweezers;
  • monofilament or a strong thread;
  • needle;
  • beads, buttons, sequins.

best to start with the big size of the tape 5 * 5 cm, so it will be easier to do the flowers.Although you can choose a different fabric - silk, organza.As for the glue "Moment-gel" approach is best - it will slowly dry up, and if s

omething does not work the first time, you can alter.Tweezers will need to turn off the pitch (although you can do this with your fingers).The thread need to sew the petals, chalk - to correctly mark a cloth or tape.

How do flowers kanzashi: User

From the tapes can make many different colors of petals for the future.The most common - and round sharp.

Acute petals

  1. necessary to cut the ribbon on the same squares.
  2. Then use a candle or a lighter to singe the edges to the tape is not scattered.This should be done quickly, a small fire to the edge is not blackened.
  3. Next, you need to fold the square diagonally once.
  4. The resulting triangle fold again diagonally.
  5. acute angle of the triangle, where convergent ends of the tape, it is necessary to solder a little trim and with a lighter.We obtain a sharp petal.It is necessary to make five or seven of these petals.
  6. then need to cut out a small circle of cardboard, pasted it with the tape with glue and then glue the petals on the resulting circle.
  7. Now we have to attach the midway.To do this, paste bead or a button in the center.

Round petals

  1. again cut into squares and tape on the edge of the Searing.
  2. Then add up the square diagonally to make a triangle.
  3. Now the side of a triangle add up to the edge of the middle - again turns squared.
  4. Then fold it in half so that the folded side of the triangle were outside.
  5. prune the tips of sharp corners and solder cigarette lighter.
  6. Make a few more petals and add up the flower.
  7. Petals can be collected on a thread, and can be directly glued to the substrate - cardboard.

The petals, which we have learned to do, it is possible to produce multilayer flowers.For example, below is a flower of 11 petals, it is necessary to glue the top of the flower petals 9, and at the top - a flower of 7 petals.Do not forget to beautifully combine colors.

Of these colors are obtained original rezinochki, hairpins, and you can attach a flower on the rim.There are many different colors made in kanzashi art.You can also make kanzashi using another instruction, presented in our article kanzashi: a master class.