How to tie a bow ?

How to tie a bow ?

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How to Tie a bow?

When you create a beautiful package can not do without properly tie a bow.Now I will tell you about a few ways how to tie a bow, so that your gift has turned the most beautiful and best decorated.We briefly consider four ways to design a beautiful gift and give the necessary references for more detailed study.

How to Tie a bow of ribbon

Consider the classic, so-called "French" option that fits all beginners who do not know how to tie a bow beautifully.The classic method is called this because it was probably the first of the invented.How to tie a bow French?Very simple: remember how you tie a shoelace on his shoes.Here the technology is the same.In this case, note that a bow tie is best to immediately correct, since it will be necessary after that, most likely, have to take another tape.The material can be used tape made of taffeta, brocade, nylon, organza, as well as any satin or cloth tape.Do not forget to prepare and scissors, as the tape will ha

ve to be trimmed.And now some explanations.If you are using double-sided tape, the location of the party does not matter.But a one-sided tape should be placed so that the lower band was face up, and the top - on the contrary, wrong.French bow - this is the perfect way to tie a satin bow.Detail of the French scheme of Tying a bow with a good description is given here.

flat bow

This type of bow can be called even simpler than the classic.Strict flat bow is perfect for this design gifts, when you want to give a discreet package, but at the same time, quite a solid appearance.In addition to its design should be very little material.By the way, on the Internet and you can find the name of a flat bow, as "bow-Dior", which seems to have gone by the name of the famous company.Note that the "Dior" is performed in the same technique, but not one, but two or more layers.It needs also double sided tape to "design" should be laid down as a decoration for a flat bow to you, in addition to tape and scissors.A detailed description of the technology - here.


This is an excellent way to design gift, but before executing it is better to practice on a simpler version - classic and flat.Bow-ball perfectly made of polypropylene tapes of different densities.For its production, you will need a broad and a narrow ribbon, scissors and glue or double sided tape to attach to a gift bow ready.It details how to make a bow-ball (of course, with illustrations).Pay attention to the amount of material, as required for a certain volume and a number of tape.For example, for a sphere with a diameter of about 12 cm, you will need at least 3 meters of ribbon.


As for the bow in the form of a rose, then it will suit the manufacture of a synthetic polypropylene tape and tape from a fabric.Some do bow-even rose from materials such as, for example, mesh, burlap, organza, film, and even sisal and crepe paper.In addition to the tape and scissors and prepare a thin wire or string to make the base of the bud.Regarding the flow of material can cause the following figures: in the bow-rose 5 cm in diameter, you will need 50-55 cm of the tape.Well detailed "manufacturing technology" such roses you can find here.The process is rather complicated, but such a gift will be delighted, perhaps, any woman.And of course, if you do not everything will be clear, the Internet can always find a video, how to tie a bow.