How to finish a scarf ?

How to finish a scarf ?

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How to finish a scarf?

Fashionable and stylish accessory, like a long strip of knitted fabric called scarf.In cold weather, we are increasingly wrapped neck scarves different.Tie a knot or a nice carelessly thrown over the shoulders scarf dramatically changes the feel of the entire set of clothes.Optionally, buy a lot of scarves to refresh their clothes, because they can be connected independently.A little patience, a couple of skeins of yarn, knitting needles or hook, fantasy and you get the author, it is a unique thing.Here are all the scarves little bit similar to each other, so the moment I finish a scarf (tassels or pom-poms, and can, openwork mesh), is the most important.

Knitted scarves

Many publications will tell you how to tie a scarf: start knitting, tie the main fabric, finish knitting.Usually, even the novice knitters do not have problems with a set of loops on the knitting needles and the beginning.Difficult it seems the end of the work.In the hands you

have almost finished product, it remains to learn how to finish the scarf.There are several options.

The most common way to finish knitting a scarf as follows: the right needle is inserted under the two loops located on the left spoke, and through them the working thread is pulled.The remaining loop on the right needle to left needle is reset, and the process is repeated.According to the two loops together provyazyvayut until the end of the series.After the last loop is pulled thread work and cut.Balance thread hidden in the loops of the last row.This is the method most often described as a way of how to finish knit scarf.

Crochet and fork

deciding for themselves how to finish knitting a scarf, first of all, consider the way vyvyazyvaniya products: needles, crochet or fork.Scarf, made a hook, you can finish the last row of the work or tying special additional rows.The bands related to the fork, interconnected hook, and they also vyvyazyvayut last row.Video lessons can be viewed at this link.Openwork scarves, made a hook, fit the lace edge.It can be connected separately and sew a scarf or vyvyazat hinged main products.Options finishing scarves are actually very much, only need to show a little imagination.

Knitting needles with instructions on how to finish the needles scarf, can be found here.Scarf associated with needles, can finish, even holding out to all the loops of the last row one thread and secure it with a knot.In the video below you can see how to finish a scarf (video tutorial).Closing the last row of loops can not be considered the end of the work.The finished product should be the finish.


scarves scarves can be decorated with tassels, plain or colored, tassels, cords, crocheted or embroidered.The last row of the scarf can be pulled thread, which ends up knitting scarf sew him one large pompom and tie the knot.Originally look scarves, decorated with tied hook rings or ovals that are attached to the edge of the items in a row or in a specific order, thereby creating a complex pattern.