How to close the neck ?

How to close the neck ?

It's no secret that with the onset of cold weather knitting warm not only the body but also the soul.Indeed, most people prefer the cold season pullover knitted by hand, so many knitters with great pleasure are taken for their production.In autumn and winter knitted sweater is a good gift both ourselves and dear to you man.Knitted sweater - is not only a warm piece of clothes, but also a way to stand out from the gray crowd.However, associate beautiful sweater is not so easy, because you need to properly knit its details, such as the neck.How to close the neck of the sweater?Now let's talk about this.

In this article, we describe a few ways to help you understand how to knit neck.These methods do not resemble each other, each is unique.

method to close the neck

Let's talk about how to close the neck of the spokes.In order to start the neck, you need to take the product from the front.At the end of the neckline is necessary to dial the loop hook.For the convenience of standing to gain from 10 to

15 loops and fold them into the spokes of a flexible connection.The optimal number of which is to gain a loop - this is a number that is behind with edge loops.

Once completed the first row, the second you need to knit facial loops.Thus, we get a number, which is on the front side, the back will look like.Next provyazyvaem 2 rows facial purl loops.After graduating with a peculiar planochki from the front side, we come to the wrong side.Then everything is quite simple, you need only dial the loop of the arches, which were formed by composing loops.

After loops set is knit 3 rows, as we did on the front side.As a result, we get 2 equal to one side, which then need to be linked and to hide the edge loops that are sometimes not very smooth and does not look very nice.The beauty of this method lies in the fact that the collar is firmly attached to the neck and the neck is seen not.However, one approach sweaters tied collar, the other - vyvyazanny.

How to close the neck back

There are several nuances that you should definitely consider.The fact that the right to close the neck come back only under certain mathematical calculations.Here are a few tips that will help to close it:

  • In order not to lose, you should vyvyazat first row, find the middle and mark it colored thread, this landmark in the future will help you see if you strayed.
  • If you are knitting pattern sweater with a pattern, you should ensure that at the edges does not leave any parts of the pattern, only the hosiery knitting.When caught at the junction of the pattern, the seam turns rough and tough looks not very nice.
  • How to close the loop for the neck, if some errors?For a more comfortable backrest knitting is to constantly check whether it complies with the specified width.If the error is wider or narrower than 3-4 cm., It is quite pardonable error.If the error is greater, you will have to do additional correction.Main - correcting error on both sides of the backrest, rather than one.
  • To obtain a line without steps, should proceed as follows.Closing the required number of loops in the initial number, at the end of the next row on the right needle, remove an edge, not provyazyvaya it.Then turn the knitting, not provyazyvaya at the beginning of the series, remove the first two loops (an edge and the next).Pull into the next loop of an edge.After secure the required number of loops in the usual way (given that the first loop is already fixed).This method should be used for any reductions.

A little more information about how to close the neck, plus a diagram here.We hope that our material has helped you to learn needlework.