How to fill the serger ?

How to fill the serger ?

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How to fill the serger?

Any housewife, was fond of sewing, it is necessary to know how to fill the serger.This device is the perfect complement of the sewing machine, since it can be used to expand the possibilities of processing and cutting of even the most difficult fabrics (knit, stretch, loose or light transparent fabric).

Modern overlocks are multifunctional mechanism that is able to grind, used to sew and trim the excess edges of the part.Sutures treated overlock, derived elastic and strong.It can rebuild on different obmetochnye seams easily and quickly (narrow or wide).Process edge ruffles, making it more wavy, or, on the contrary, with the help of the assembly priposadki get different densities.With overlock can sew better quality webbing, elastic or decorative thread with beads.

Basically, household overlock treated tissue section 4 or 3 threads, however, some models can be configured to process two threads.If there is a need for often complex process jersey

s, you should buy pyatinitochny serger.However, for any beginner sewing the question arises: how to properly fill serger?Of course, choose the model of the mechanism should be based on how much it will demand of you.

Before you begin working with overlock, you must read the instructions on how to fill in the thread serger this model.It is important to follow all the rules and sequence, as it will save you from the hassles associated with the gust of the thread.Most overlock charging schemes applied to the inside of the removable cover.In this case, for easier use, the place where the threads are threaded, painted in different colors.

thread and needle size depends on the tissue structure, with which you'll work.The thread must have free course and be on material quality line.For the convenience of working with a thread, many overlocks have included needle threader, which make it much easier time thread the needle.Any aspiring seamstress significantly help learned how to fill serger.Videos on the topic can be found easily on the Internet.A below - text instructions.


  • Working spool of thread put on the reel.
  • thread the end of the thread through the hole hooks or thread guides.For quality stitch it is very important that the reel axis is directly aimed at the thread guide.
  • thread must pass through all the tension mechanisms: first, through those during overlock thread is removed, then through the ones that attract.There are models where this function is performed by one mechanism.
  • Pass the thread through the needle eye and enter the string into the hole of the looper so that the thread direction coincides with the movement of the fabric.
  • Bring the thread under the presser foot clamp.