How do I change clothes ?

How do I change clothes ?

good hostess buys his clothes not for one season or even two.She knows that any old thing can be transformed into a new and stylish.After connecting a little imagination, you can always turn your outdated wardrobe in a whole new.The main thing to know how to change clothes, when she begins to go out of fashion.

few rules transformation

  • should be able to choose two items that have identical or similar fabric texture and harmonious tone.
  • connecting seams at the transfiguration of things better to mask various piping, piping, appliqué or embroidery.
  • changed, the basic details in the pattern decrease or become bigger in size.In accordance with the mode, change the height and shape of the shoulder width and sleeve length, width and depth of the armhole.

How to change old clothes

  • If you need to extend the old skirt, do it from the trim strips of fabric.New fabric is required to pre-wash.
  • When the bodice of the dress becomes too short, it can be done at the expense of longer belts.
  • Short Sleeves can be extended thanks to the finishing of the cuffs or the exact same fabric, which are sewn on the bottom.
  • too narrow in the chest expands belt supers in the sleeves and side seams.
  • any thing can be made longer by using strips of cloth or frills.
  • making applications, care should be taken that the direction flaps and filaments coincided base.Some patches for the applications have poor shedding property during washing, pick the ones that do not shed.


  • faded and faded thing you can facelift updates.
  • Men's and women's pants trousers perfectly remade in a small size, or a skirt of four stitches.
  • Adults things easily turn into children.Except for such fabrics: taffeta, panne and crimplene.
  • From skirts skirt kninki obtained with a reduced number of wedges or skirt-blade smaller.
  • Any dress can be a sundress or skirt.
  • Men's suits are converted into dresses, children's jackets and trousers, and jackets - in jackets.
  • If you have an old sweater unnecessary, then remove the sleeves inside out, cut them, and prostrochite.Cut the neck and shoulders in a straight line and prisobirite them.You will get a new top of the skirt.Elastic sweaters turn into a bottom of the skirt and the sleeves of the remaining stitch or tie belt for their new clothes.

Stylish jacket

If dusts solid, out of fashion jacket, do not hurry to run in your closet to a store and spend money on a new one.Benefit from our advice on how to change old clothes.

You need

  • obsolete plain jacket
  • colored icons in different sizes
  • Colored pins

To begin with, hang a jacket on a hanger.Take a colored pin and fasten her pocket.On his lapel fix different icons, but combine them by color.Here you have a new fresh thing!

lacy skirt

To begin prepare

  • Cotton skirt
  • Scraps and lace in one tone to the skirt
  • Threads of cotton fabric
  • Pins
  • sewing machine and needle

If you could not find the same tonelace skirt, then take the white and paint it in the desired color.

Now you need to cut the 15-centimeter strip of lace and handle it with one end on the sewing machine.So lace will not crumble.Then sew the hem of the skirt is lace by hand or on a typewriter.

Cut strips of scraps of fabric (2 cm), fold them in half and prostrochite.From these strips slazhivayte flowers and vines, and when, to sew and lace skirt by hand.

How to change the color of the clothes

Any tissue gradually loses its original saturated hue.This is facilitated by the wind, the air, the sun, water, detergent.But do not worry, you can breathe life back into the color of their things right at home.

  • Look good thing before its paint.Clean all pockets, Otpor buttons, trim and buckle.Just backwater bottom surface to between the top and it does not trap air, and the thing is not floated.
  • Wash the item in soapy warm water.Do not remove it after washing and squeeze.Can discolored thing before painting, this will fit the powder "Persol".Dissolve a packet of the powder in a bucket of hot water and boil for half an hour in her thing.If the fabric is not completely lose color, repeat the procedure.
  • Pour the dye into a clean rag and dissolve in a small amount of hot water.Put the product in an enamel bowl and add more water.
  • Heat for 15 minutes in the water bath and add 3 tablespoons of table salt, raising himself with a stick thing.Periodically move the product so that it is at the same time was completely submerged.Another half hour boil.After the solution has cooled, you can remove the colored thing.

That's the whole procedure!