How to tie a beautiful satin ribbon ?

How to tie a beautiful satin ribbon ?

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How beautiful satin ribbon tie?

Gift decorated with his own hands, it becomes a much more soulful and touching.From this article you will learn how to tie a nice satin ribbon, and make your own bow from the tape is very simple - we now see this.

bow of satin ribbon

If you arrange yourself a gift and want to make it original, it can be done with a beautiful satin ribbon.To do this you will need the following materials:

  • satin ribbon;
  • scissors;
  • cutting of the ribbon;
  • thread.

To make a nice bow, you must tie the ribbon in a conventional bow, and the tips cut with curly scissors.Make a bow surround as follows (note that for this option need a long ribbon):

  1. Put ribbon satin side up on a gift box.
  2. Wrap it so that the cross turned to the other side of gift wrapping.
  3. Do the same with the top side of the package, only the top is already necessary to tie the knot.
  4. Then tie a bow, then the second (making it closer to the nodules), the ends should be after every
    bow tie in a knot.

With sufficient length of tape you can make an original volume bow.Do not forget to straighten it, and the tips cut obliquely, so that the tape does not crumble at the ends.You can also gently singe their lighted match.

Another way to make a beautiful bow of the tape is as follows:

  1. Roll tape a ring (if ring to make a wide, then bow to get more).Squeeze the resulting ring.
  2. Next corners should be cut strips (up to the middle lower side).
  3. Now we need to spread the ring again and squeeze it into a strip (matching the incisions).
  4. place incision is necessary to tie another ribbon, best fine or a simple thread.
  5. Then try to hold the bow in place of cuts and flatten the ring, gently bending back the petals in different directions, spinning them around.
  6. Now tie a ribbon gift box diagonally and attach the finished bow with glue, pins, or just sew neatly.

Learn about other ways of tying the ribbons you can from our article How to make a bow of satin ribbon.