How to convert a sweater ?

How to convert a sweater ?

Sometimes it is very difficult to part with a favorite thing.So are your favorite blouses, pants, skirts and sweaters in the closet for years.But the favorite things you can easily give a second life.It is only necessary to show a little imagination.Learn how to convert a sweater and turn it into a new original bagatelle.

Trendy cardigan sweater

If well preserved, and you just fed up with the model, you can convert an old sweater into a fashionable cardigan.To do this, cut at center in front of the sweater, and then gradually cut collar.Now you need to choose a suitable contrasting color and size knitted tape, which should sheathe front sectional gate and bottom cardigan future.In addition, in the same way you can decorate and sleeves.The result is a fashionable and stylish cardigan.

alter old sweater

If you like the model in the style of "Bolero", you need to cut the bottom of the sweater so that it is slightly covered his chest.The remaining cuts necessary to perform well, as in the case of

the cardigan.At the end should be treated with the edge of the tape, bias binding or fringe.In the case where the shape of the sweater perfectly preserved, with the exception of the extended arms, you can make yourself a new skirt.To do this, cut off the sleeves with armholes, and from the remaining fabric to sew a form-fitting skirt.To sew it will need to measure waist circumference, hip circumference, divided received half the size and mark them on a sweater.Then, the excess should be cut off at the edges, carefully sew, fold the top edge and vdet gum.It is worth noting that at the edge of the skirt so it is necessary to neaten as jersey can easily be dismissed.By the way, the remaining sleeves can make original leggings.To do this, simply treat the cut edge.

customize men's sweater as follows.Take an old sweater, cut off his collar and sleeves, the front part should be cut in half.Now we should treat our sleeves and sew on buttons.So get the original jacket.Thinking how to remake old sweater and think about your dog.Why not make a new thing for her?To do this, cut off an old sweater sleeves, made on the back of the buckle and take in a thing on the sides, in accordance with the size of your pet's body.So you get a great outfit for a cool warm weather.