How to weave sandals ?

How to weave sandals ?

Lapti - a very common product made of birch bark, Rogoza, it was popular with the peasants still a long time ago.Bast shoes are not on the right or left foot, they are the same, the difference is only in the construction of the sock.

How to weave sandals and what you need to do

You will need:

  • Rogoz
  • Billet-deck-sized legs
  • hook

Getting Started:

  • Harvested moist leaf cattail lay on the table in a row.Length should be about 50-60 cm. In this extreme leaves should be double, fit snugly to the next located.Across the leaves should be put deck so that the heel and toe were 1 cm.
  • next step is to weave the leaves in the middle between a "rope", constantly checking the original size by applying a deck.If it turned out that the painting of leaves sank, you will need to add a few elements, but so extreme were twin.
  • When the first "rope" ready, begin to weave a "trace" in a circle.In dual extreme elements of the dilute and propletite separately each component of the pair.
  • If you run out of th
    e sheet in the process of weaving - add a new one.We need new and old sheets are put together by following a couple of stitches.Outside, leave the end of the old sheet, is now weaving may be continued, and later it will be possible to cut the protruding end.
  • Once you've done 4 "rope" turnover, the time has come to expose additional leaf bases.Do not forget to check the size of the workpiece with a deck.
  • In front of the "footprint" is an extension, so some rows need to be shortened, it will be seen on the deck where to begin these series.shoe size almost coincide with the "trace".
  • When at last "footprint" is made, put on his deck, raising all the leaves up.After that tie-rack leaves in a bunch.
  • side braid series "rope", so that they match the height of the foot.
  • Then we need to close the toe by a truncated series and ordinary - alternately made.Shortened rows do in the wide part Lapot.
  • When the lifting and narrowing geminate rack.They can geminate front and the side, but not on the heel.
  • Enter the height that you need, to make the last neukorochenny number.And cut out all the duplicated pairs of pillars, one of them.
  • It's time to make a bend on the edge of "the rod of the three pairs of rods."
  • Three rod that will remain, can be hidden in weaving, using a crochet hook.
  • ends of the racks should be cut with scissors and all protruding ends of the leaves.The product is left to dry.
  • So you now know how to weave sandals.They are ready.

Now open you a secret if you want to make decorative shoes, you can use the kraft paper, it is not difficult to find, it is made from bags of dried fruit, mail, cement.This is an excellent material for beginners.Well, now you even know how to weave sandals made of paper, not only from the cattail.Good luck in your endeavors!