How to weave macrame ?

How to weave macrame ?

Before figure out how to weave macrame and how to master this technique, you need to understand what is a macrame.In Arabic language means macrame fringe, lace.This kind of artistic technique, which uses a knotted netting.You can use different materials in the creation of macrame.The most popular are: flax yarn, leather cords, fiber, fabric band, monofilament, cords, as well as all kinds of yarn.But first you need to decide on the theme, and then select the material for the job.

For macramé best use pliable and durable materials.For a clear picture should be tightly twist selected for this material.It should also be noted that much of the product is easier to spin round ropes than flat.Yes, and the appearance is much nicer in this case.Using yarn bundles can be extended in the process of weaving.Do not forget about the color of your product, because it creates the impression of the colors of things.

For weaving macramé we need

  • line
  • needle
  • metal spokes
  • scissors
  • clamp
  • hook
  • spindle
  • pads

Weave macrame

On the Internet you can easily find examples of macrame,schemes, as well as instructions for weaving of a product.We will tell you about the general technique of weaving macramé for beginners.

Typically, weaving macramé use light colors, however, if it is good to pick up the bright colors, the product will no less beautiful.First, we need to boil and wash material.This is to ensure that it is not deformed in the process of weaving.

can make a special pad, which will be used for the job.To do this, take a plywood plank.Its size should be not less than 30 * 45 cm. Are wrapped our cushion foam and fasten it with a few stitches.Then we need to obtain a preform obtyanut dense tissue.It is advisable to choose a light shade cloth.Initially, you can use the back of his chair as gently working cushion.

important to remember that the basic principle is macrame knots.It is from them in the future and make beautiful and original things.In the art of macrame can count more than a hundred kinds of knots, but we will focus on the main and most important of them.Linen and cotton yarns, plain paper hemp rope or twine - this is what we will use as a yarn for weaving.

First, we need to strengthen the support on which we will weave.Take a cushion and fix it, for example, on the back of any chair.To do this, we need to tightly tie our pillow with a rope vertically.Next thread hung on a support.Take working yarn and fold it in half.Then loop down stretch under the thread that is tied to a bed.Now we stretch both ends of our thread and tighten them.

main units

macrame technique very difficult to master, it is necessary to learn how to weave the basic units.Take, for example, a simple knot.After our thread is hung on the support, we had two of its end - two separate strands.Right - working, and the left thread - the main.We impose our working thread on the support and the plant loop directly behind her.We had a simple knot.Now try to turn to weave the core, the working thread.As a result, we obtain a chain, which is one of the major tangles any macrame.

Hercules node is the main node of macrame.To do it, you must put the two strands vertically.Right to have a left-hand thread, and then hold the left from the bottom up in a loop, which we turned.Gently tighten the knot.

For flat assembly, select the vertical position of the threads on the pillow.Take the right-hand thread, put it on the base, then left our factory under the (working) string.Another left hand takes a working thread that you want to have a basis, through the formed between the right thread and base loop.Hold the outside of the thread, tighten knot using working yarn.

attaching the two strands by tying the first plate assembly and the second immediately.As a result - we get a flat square knot, which will be completed after a while it will weave a small padlock.

Macrame bracelets

So we have mastered the basic macrame knots.Now you can try to weave a simple product: colorful belt, kulonchik, which is decorated with additional beads or macramé bracelets.Let's try to make your own bracelet.For this we need:

  • paper clips
  • scissors
  • waxed cord
  • beads

Take waxed cord (at least six meters) and rasstrigaem it into 7 parts.Then you need to knot and attach to any book or blackboard on which we will weave.Then you need to take three extreme left thread, begin weaving the flat square knot.Repeat this sequence five times, and then Do the same with the three rightmost threads.And the free secondary thread we stringing beads.

Next we need five times proplesti flat square knot, and for this we will use three secondary thread.And knit begin to turn to the desired length to us.Now, with the node anchoring the middle thread, on which there are beads.The same make and with the first bead.Do not forget to keep track of the number of nodes you knit - it must be the same and equal to five.

tie a knot at the ends of our yarns need to stack them on top of each other.Now take another piece of waxed cord and tied them to our folded yarn.Thereafter, they need to be fixed by a conventional node.Scourge them flat square knot, thereby anchoring our all secondary thread bracelet.Next, you need to hide the tails of the attachment under the braid and tuck them inside the hook.As a result, we have attachment, which can adjust the width of the product.Getting to the design of the seven remaining strands.Each side has one loose thread on which we string the beads.Securing a conventional node other threads, you need to associate in pairs by a Capuchin site: folded a couple of threads in a loop, you need to tighten the ends of the thread on this loop and thread the them into it.Then do not forget to tighten the knot.We cut all unnecessary and our bracelet is ready!

Of the many combinations macrame knots, you can make a variety of patterns.For example, the pattern "flower", "berry" and "chameleon" made of two separate strands.And for the "grid" and the "checkerboard" use six or eight threads.Any product will look great when it is done in several different patterns.For illustrative examples can search photos macrame patterns on the Internet.And choose your favorite, you can start weaving it.