How to glue the fabric ?

How to glue the fabric ?

Crafts - a very entertaining affair.If you choose to convert the product of cloth, gluing it with applications, crystals, or other tissue, our article is for you.Next, consider how to glue the fabric nice and tidy.

Tips for working with the adhesive agent

very simple to connect the tissue by means of adhesive agent.These include fleece, "spider" and dublerin.These materials manufacturers apply a thin layer of adhesive, activatable by contact with a hot iron.

Gluing cloth using these materials is easy - gently smooth out the fabric glue, spread, compose parts to be glue, apply a top material (sticky side to the fabric) and walk on it iron.Most often in such a way tuck and glue too long galoshes on his trousers, jeans, strengthen frayed fabrics, children's carnival costumes.Working with "Stickers," do not include stripping mode.Under the action of steam the material can be damaged, and you can not paste anything.

Using PVA glue

Immediately worth mention: this method is only suitable for materi

als which will be subsequently be subjected to damp or heat treatment.What glue to glue the fabric in such a case?Take a very ordinary PVA.This adhesive is truly universal.Obmoknite it a brush to paint, remove the excess with a tip that is not formed ugly stains, brush fabric parts to be glued together and gently push each other.

The glue fabric to fabric, which will subsequently be repeatedly washed in the machine or by hand?For this purpose, it is best to buy a special adhesive that is sold in hardware departments of furniture stores, for example, Gutermann creative (firmly adheres textiles and leather) or Texolit.

Using the glue gun

For gluing parts to tissue suitable glue gun.With it you can securely lock any elements: large rhinestones, appliqu├ęs, glass, feathers, leather segments, in general, anything you want.Working with Thermo easy but it is worth to be careful, as the heating element is very hot and can burn.It is inconvenient for the fixation of small rhinestones, beads and so on. D. Therefore, sometimes still have to use a cotton swab or a small brush to apply the adhesive to such small details.

to glue them, use the special glue for rhinestones, but remember that you need to squeeze it very small portions, so as not to leave stains on the fabric surface.Overlay decorative ornaments handy tweezers.

Now you know how to glue the fabric neatly and securely.You may also be useful article How to glue rhinestones.