As a spin ?

As a spin ?

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As a spin?

In ancient times it was spinning in the same common type of needlework, like, say, sewing or embroidering.Caring and attentive mothers taught their young daughters the art of creating yarn from which subsequently were made soft and warm products made of natural wool.Unfortunately, this kind of handicraft has lost its former popularity.However, it is very useful craft, having mastered that, you can create material for warm blankets, sweaters, knitted socks, mittens and other items.

In modern shops offer a wide range of yarns of different textures, colors and thickness.However, the manual spinning may well be amusing hobby, but for someone, perhaps an additional source of income.

How to learn to spin wool?

Tools and training

One of the traditional methods of producing yarn - worsted, which involves pre-wool combing with special comb.This type of spinning for those who decided on their own to master this ancient form of needlework.Before you begin the proce

ss of spinning himself, should be prepared in advance wool raw materials, spinning wheel, spindle and two combs.

material, ie wool, requires careful preparation.For this purpose it is necessary to go through, removing all rubbish.Then the hair should be neatly combed.The most convenient way to do this with the help of special combs for combing wool.At the same brush, you can put a piece of raw material, and the other comb so long until all the hair will not appear on the same comb.Raw material ready for spinning, when the individual hairs can easily be pulled out from the crowd.

Getting spun

is ready for spinning wool should be tied to the spinning wheel rack.If you do not have spinning wheels, you can use any stick, fixed to the back of the chair.This homemade spinning wheel is fine, if you make the first steps towards the development of this type of ancient crafts.On the chair should sit so that the tow was on the left side of you, and it is under his left arm.

To fix the thread on the spindle, with three fingers of his left hand to pull the wool from a small strip.At the same time, make sure that it does not come off on the total weight of raw materials.Twist strip to the thread, and then tie it to the free end of the toe of the spindle.

Now you can proceed directly to the spinning process.Gently with three fingers of his left hand, pull the fibers of wool and at the same time rotate the spindle clockwise using three fingers of his right hand.First, it is unlikely to be obtained smooth thread.At first, the main thing is not to allow an interruption.

When the filament length is approximately 50 cm, it will have to untie and tightly wound on the middle part of the spindle.It is necessary to make a knot and loop the thread reel on the toe of the spindle.Now you can continue spinning.Gradually pull the thread from the wool of mass and wrap it on the spindle.At the same time, make sure that she gets as even as possible.

When the thread is sufficiently long, it will have to be wound on the fingers of the left hand and the above-described scheme transferred to the spindle.

Spinning can be continued until the middle part of the spindle is full.After that, the thread should pull, remove the spindle and pull up into a neat ball.

main methods of spinning

Each method involves the use of spinning the fiber of a certain length and thickness.There are three main ways of spinning, such as carded, hardware and crest.

carded spinning

carded spinning is a certain technique, in which the yarn is obtained uniform and strong enough.In addition, this yarn will feature more finesse and less friability.With this method, fiber spinning is usually produce medium length.


Hardware spinning method involves obtaining short fibers.The yarn, the resulting carded, quite loose, fleecy, uneven thickness.


Worsted spinning technique - the way in which spun fibers of sufficient length.Combed yarn turns very fine, smooth and dense.Moreover, such a yarn becomes more robust.