How to calculate fabric ?

How to calculate fabric ?

Lover handmade prefer to do everything yourself.Ranging from interior decoration in the house and ending with sewing clothes for themselves and their families.However, in order to successfully cope with the sewing, it is necessary to know how to calculate the amount of tissue for a particular product.At the same time, it is important to bear in mind what this product is planned to be sewing a pattern to be on it from any tissue.If the fabric is, for example, corduroy, velor, velvet, fur, then there is very important arrangement of the pile.

calculates tissue, given the width of the pile and

Lay the fabric in this embodiment, the principle of "Diamonds" will not succeed.We'll have to take the material, so that all the details looked to one side.In addition it is important to take into account the time that the fabric are of different widths, namely 150, 90.75 cm., Respectively, and the amount of fabric in such cases will be different.Another problem is when there is a problem, how to calculate th

e cloth material with a pattern.So, for example, if the fabric plaid, the pattern must be customized, so that the lines coincide.In the case where the picture "looks" in one direction, then there should be to cut out all the parts in one direction, rather than a volt, or get silly costume and awkward.In addition, as a cell, and the same parts must smoothly pass one element to another.With this sewing material needed much more than with a cut ordinary, monotonous or fabric, with a chaotic pattern.

How to calculate fabric for clothing

determine what will have to sew, you should first carefully take your measurements.Then, to understand how to calculate the rate of tissue, it is necessary to construct a pattern, it must decompose on any material previously designating a width of 150, 90 or 75. Thus, it is possible to orient the number of matter required to sew a particular garment.This is the easiest method to determine the length of the necessary material in several different ways, changing the width of the fabric easily.Only in this way, come to the store, you can easily select the desired interval, without going into complex mathematical calculations.However, it is another way to calculate the tissue, without prior fittings and folding patterns.Such a method is suitable in the case where a pattern yet, and there is only a general idea of ​​what will be the style of dress.In order to learn how to calculate the fabric of the dress, you need to remove a few important yardsticks, namely, the length of the bodice front and back, long skirts and long sleeves.Now, add the length of the bodice front and rear, as they will be different due to the chest.Then add the length of the sleeve and two or three lengths of skirt.In the latter case, all depends on the style, which will sew.Then add a few centimeters, which will be spent on the allowances for seams, side seams to be enough 2cm for allowance on the bodice and skirt can be left 10cm.adding all the available centimeters sufficiently exact length of material which should be selected.Again, if the fabric with a pattern, you can take a little bit with the stock.In the same way we can understand how to calculate the fabric on the skirt.Here, of course, need much less fabric.If a very simple fashion, in the case when the fabric without drawing and lint-free, and femur in a volume of no more than 120 cm, then the width of the fabric 150 can take the same length.In this case, pattern and fabric laid Volt would be sufficient.However, when the skirt, for example, be composed of lush or folds of tissue needed here is much greater.Independently calculate the width of the folds will be difficult.You can seek advice from the studio.There can orient more precisely.

Sewing bed linen and curtains

In order to sew bedclothes, you need to know the width and length of the blankets, pillows and bed.For the sheets to try to be the width of the bed and add about 50 cm, in order to catch a cold beautifully down from the bed and wrapped.Bedding sewn, focusing on the width of the blankets and pillows, while we should not forget about SEAM.In order to learn how to calculate the fabric on the curtains, curtain rod length should be multiplied by 1.5 - Economy option, or by 2.5 - a free and beautiful option.

Thus, the fabric for sewing can be calculated by simple arithmetic calculations.