How to play the wool ?

How to play the wool ?

This article discusses how woolly toy made of wool.Consider the example of creating a "crocodile" technology.There are two ways of felting wool, dry and wet.Here is a wet method felting toys.This method is more popular because it is the fastest.

To make the "crocodile", you will need:

  • wool for felting
  • substrate under a laminate
  • soap solution
  • needle felting
  • two beads
  • acrylic paint.


  1. First you have to make a pattern toys.Drawing crocodile on the substrate under a laminate, taking into account allowances, because it will be a little less than the pattern.Now we decompose wool vertically.Then
  2. horizontally decompose another wool layers.And moistened with soapy water.
  3. well smoothed, turn the piece to the other side.
  4. All wool rolling your edge to the middle of the pattern, add a bit of hair in the middle.
  5. Now make a pattern on the back, spread a light green wool, and wool darker unpack below.Then take a strip of dark green color, from the tail to the head.Moisten solution
    , smooth, and flip to the other side.Make the same pattern, and on that side.
  6. toy cover film and then wipe the hair well, you can go further sander.While hair is not matted on the surface of the toys well, do not stop doing so.
  7. To get the pattern from the toy, you have to cut crocodile belly.Now in the towel, start to play the skins for your toys, as usual in the wet felting.The skin should be good to sit down and uvalyatsya to the desired size.Then tamp its synthetic padding or wool.
  8. You was such a blank, wet felting toy gives you the opportunity to make toys for the foundation very quickly, making the surface of the well-lubber.When the foundation of toys you ready, take the needle felting on the middle of rolling your abdominal incision edges and privalivaete them to the tummy, if necessary, add a little wool.Next you need to finish the needle legs, the final nose shape gives, for the eye to make the place.Again soak in soapy water and hands dovalivayte crocodile to the junction were not visible.The desired bend you attach to the tip of the nose and tail.And leave to dry completely.
  9. After drying sew eyes (beads), they are black acrylic paint to paint the pupils and make dots on the face and draw the teeth.To their eyes sparkled necessary to cover the transparent nail polish.

you are familiar with how matted hair wet method.Crocodile ready, and was very nice.Now that you know what can be matted wool of interesting toys.