How to tie bolero crochet and knitting ?

How to tie bolero crochet and knitting ?

Bolero - it's such a short sleeveless vest.Fashion Bolero came to us from Spain and won her admirers.This vest can give zest to any outfit.And this little thing you can tie your own hands and crochet.In this article I'll show you how to tie bolero.

Knit Bolero spokes for girls

Let's look for a start, how to tie spokes bolero.I propose a very nice version of the bolero, which quickly and easily fit in the spokes.Size 36-38.Take 200 grams of yarn, knitting needles number 5, the hook number 4,5.Knit the front stitch, ie facial ranks of the facial loops, and purl - purl loops, respectively.knitting density of 16 loops of 20 rows.You must associate the canvas 10 x 10 cm. We collect 50 loops on the spokes.Knit according to this scheme:

  • 6 facial loops,
  • then do nakida,
  • 2 loops together provyazyvaem front,
  • 2 facial loops,
  • again 2 loops together provyazyvaem front,
  • again nakida,
  • 26 loopsprovyazyvaem facial,
  • do nakida,
  • 2 loops along the front provyazyvaem,
  • knit 2 sts facial,
  • 2 loops along the front provyazyvaem,
  • do nakida 6 facial loops.

This scheme knit fabric height 42 cm. Then, close all the loops.And proceed to the assembly of parts of our bolero.

To do this, fold the fabric in half lengthwise.Angles connect and sew.So we turned the sleeves.Then, take the product and tied it around the perimeter of the hook.Number 1 - we will not nakida bars.Then, a series of 2 - column with nakida in every fourth column without nakida + two air loops.And so on until the end of the series.To go to each subsequent row do not forget to rise in three air loop.3 series - a loop through each air provyazyvaem by two columns with nakida + one air between them.Columns with nakida share three air loops.And so on until the end of the series.Row 4 - all the same as in the 3 series, only between the posts knit as follows: 1 air loop column without nakida + + 1 air loop.Row 5: each of the air loop between the posts with nakida provyazyvaem 3 column with nakida pico + 3 + 3 stitches stoblika with nakida.Then, 2 air loop column without nakida + + 2 air loop.And so on until the end of the series.Done edging along the perimeter of the product.

sleeves also can tie a hook on the scheme: provyazyvaem bars without nakida around the bend sleeve.Then in every ninth column without nakida provyazyvaem 3 column nakida pico + 3 + 3 stitches column nakida.Then, 2 air loop column without nakida + (connect with the first row) + 2 air loop.Then columns nakida go again.And so on until the end of the series.

How to tie bolero for girls crochet

Assign bolero for girls can be a hook.I suggest you original bolero tie to be just.For girls the growth of 100 cm. Take the cotton yarn, hook number 2. Preliminary measurements should be removed with a girl, make a pattern.Next tie bolero under the scheme for adjusting the pattern.

Gaining a chain of air loops.Do not fasten tight.Gaining long patterns 15 on the circuit.Of these, 3 are on the shelves of the pattern, the pattern for 1 - on armholes, 7 patterns - on the back.Provyazyvaem 2 rows under the scheme in height.Then start the division on the back and shelves.Shelves taper in height respectively the pattern.Approximately height shelves must happen in 6 rows.The back is done in height in 5 rows of pattern.And only two extreme rows adjacent to the shelves, do height of 6 rows.Sew the shoulders.

then drop recruit and provyazyvaem the same pattern.It turns out, as it were a mirror image.Knit the desired length (in the pattern).Do edging 7 columns with nakida + rachy step.

Knit sleeve in the same way.Making a height of 4 rows pattern zauzhivaem to the top.It is obtained in form of a triangle.Part of the sleeves sewn into the armhole.Then drop again recruit pattern and knit down the scheme of the desired length.Fringing do as well as on the back.It's simple!I hope you got a satisfactory answer to the question of how to crochet bolero.