How to make a book?

How to make a book?

Often, the books bought by us in the stores, are of inadequate quality, and we instead to enjoy reading, tormented with such a book collecting and laying out in the correct order, constantly falling sheets.So really there is no way out of this situation?Do not worry, there is a solution.It is necessary to make this unfortunate own book, and then the opportunity to read it after you will have more and someone - else.Let's look at step by step, how to make a book.

How to sew a book yourself

There are several ways to make a book.Some simpler, while others are more time-consuming.It all depends on what book you are going to make, how much you have time to carry out this process, what tools you have available, and what the quality of the product you plan to get in the end.Stationery knife, press or vice, hacksaw, ruler, glue, thick thread, pieces of cloth, a few sheets of plain paper and sheets of cardboard: The following materials and tools to make yourself a new cover you need.

  • Before you get started, you need to carefully disassemble the book into separate notebooks, in order to lay down and glue torn pages.We are then applied at the beginning and end of the book on a paper sheet, all aligned and vise so that the spine extends approximately 7 mm.
  • Next hacksaw propyl do in the spine of the book exactly in the middle at a depth of 5 mm.Then, from this cut, on either side, making other cuts every 5 cm.
  • The end of the spine should be well fluff and glue them to fill in the cuts.Take the thread, cut off so much so that its length is greater than the length of the spine at least three times.It is possible to take a few reliability of such threads and put them together.One end of the thread is fixed to the press, and another snake, and tautly laid in grooves Realized.At the end of the fixed and the other end of the thread in the press.
  • Top back again coat with glue and impose fabric.Next, the entire structure leave to dry completely.
  • last stage - a sticking cover.The cover you can make yourself or take an existing.If the book is in paperback, the thin cover sheet can be pre-strengthened, sticking to it from the inside piece of cardboard.To do this on the books end glue strip cloth.Next take the cover and glue everything together: the first and last pages of the book, pre-made from pure paper, fabric strip and the cover.After all, this entire book should be laid under the press and waiting for it to dry.

Thus, you get the book in a safe cover, which certainly never fall apart and will delight all its subsequent readers.Having made a new binding, you can create a unique copy of the book, which can be a worthy gift for the connoisseur of literature.

Sew cashbook

for accounting and tax reporting on the work we often have to sew a variety of documents.Of course, the above method for cross-linking of the book of this case is not necessary.Therefore it is necessary to know how to sew cashbook.

  • First you need to decide for what period of time should be stitched cashbook.Then you check the availability and accuracy of all of its documents.
  • Then you numeruete all pages of the book.And stitch it with a needle and thread so that the ends of the thread were behind the book.Cut a rectangle of blank paper of this size, so he closed the thread, paste it with glue.
  • On glued a piece of paper write the following text. "In this book, numbered, bound and sealed so many sheets (the number in words) the signature of the director and chief accountant then it is stamped organization

As you can see, then, to sew the cash book, not of great complexity. If this work will continue to include in your duties, you can bring it, subsequently, to automatism. the main thing is to first learn to do it right.