How to sew a handkerchief ?

How to sew a handkerchief ?

think what to sew a handkerchief, if the stores full of them for every taste and color?The answer is very simple: the thing made with their own hands a lot better purchased standard.After all, you put her whole soul and imagination.You can do it to sew a shawl that you like, rather than choose from the available copies.So let's see together how to sew a handkerchief himself!

Sew neckerchief

To work necessary to prepare the fabric from which you will be sew, scissors, thread color, and it is desirable that the presence of a sewing machine since manual operation will be delayed for a long time.

  • Do not be afraid to sew, even if you still have never done this, believe me, sewing cravat does not require some sort of super knowledge and experience.Harvesting future handkerchief may be the size from 40x40 up to 90x90.Here you choose for yourself, but remember that beautiful handkerchief should have only the correct form of a square.
  • Lay selected fabric on a flat surface, so that nowhere in the folds
    .Using soap or a simple pencil mark the desired size of the future handkerchief.Do not forget extra on each side add 1 cm, this allowance at the edge of the hem.Done?If so, now we can cut our piece.
  • tuck the fabric on each side 1 centimeter left and namёtyvaem.Note that, if the fabric is crumbling, you need to tuck the edge of not one, but twice!Of course, if the house or with friends there overlock machine, it is possible to treat the edges of her.
  • Once you prostrochite edge of the trained, carefully check it for defects go omissions.If you are satisfied, you can safely remove namёtochnuyu thread.
  • Good smoothing iron your masterpiece, you can wear it boldly and clearly, be proud of yourself.Now, you already know how to make a scarf on their own!

Learning to sew handkerchiefs

Big shawl we have already mastered, so let's get together and soshёm small handkerchiefs, because they certainly are never superfluous.The fabric is better for them to choose a natural composition.Like last time, we will need the same tools and materials.This is a suitable fabric, scissors, thread and a little patience.

  • Cut the workpiece handkerchiefs, size and shape of which you can choose yourself.For children sew small square scarves, a little more, and men's scarves are greatest for women.Remember that you should always add a couple of extra centimeters to the edge of the hem.
  • first bends the edge 1 cm and stitched by a line on the machine.It is better to use the blind stitch foot.
  • then again bends the edge and also stitched by, but now you can use for a variety of decorative stitch.

We told you about the easiest way to process handkerchiefs edge.It is also often used for this special Moscow seam.The question of how to sew a handkerchief at home without help, and now should not cause you difficulty.It is worth noting that today handkerchiefs are not only the subject of personal hygiene, but also a wonderful gift.After all, the product can be decorated with embroidery or applique wonderful!