Kanzashi : Master Class

Kanzashi : Master Class

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kanzashi: master class

time immemorial masters from around the world engaged in needlework.As a result, we obtained the original unique products.Some needlewoman spun, others - embroidered, and others - were made decorations.Today let's talk about an interesting form of needlework - about making kanzashi.

kanzashi: history of

So, in Japan in the 1700s was born the original art of making hair ornaments (hairpins, combs, barrettes), which was called kanzashi.Most instances are rare items kanzashi Edo period.

Usually kanzashi products are made of wood and covered with glue Japanese, but there are gold, silver, and gold plated jewelry.Recently, for the manufacture of metal kanzashi started using brass and plaiting - silk and silk ribbon.Due technology

kanzashi colors are unique and at the same time the original.Learn to make jewelry is not so difficult, because you can choose kanzashi manufacturing scheme for beginners.Deal with all the subtleties help master class m

anufacturing kanzashi.

Workshop: rose kanzashi

To produce a flower, we need:

  • tape,
  • thread,
  • needle,
  • two pins,
  • scissors,
  • Lighter,
  • tweezers,
  • handle (you can do without it).

Please proceed to the production of petals.To do this, cut into pieces of tape.Tape length depends on its width:. tape width of 2.5 cm - 5 cm length pieces, if the width of 5 cm length in this case - 10 cm sections were to be treated with fire...

on the wrong side of the tape mark the middle of a piece.The label can be a pen or a piece of bent in half.Then, the upper corner of the middle bend once and then again.Temporarily fix the folds of a pin.The same make and with the other half slice.

secure all needle and thread, gradually pulling the pin.During manufacture lobe thread shrinks, petals shape and volume is obtained.Small tucks at the tip can be obtained by fixing it with forceps and barely touching the tape fire, go lighter.

Our Petal ready.Described method we do only the first tab, the rest we will sew only half.Now we go to the manufacture of the rosebud.

Sew the first lobe to the middle of the other half fix the pin.Add the next tab on the non-crosslinked half of the previous one, gently pulling bulavochki, sew them together to the middle.Fold the other half petals and add a third.So we collect all the petals.

We've got 18 petals.In order to become three-dimensional petals, contractible chain.For midway produce another tab, which is twisted into a tube.The resulting element sew flower petal to the first chain.Begin to roll the petals around the midway, fixing them with a needle and thread.

When Rose is ready, it can be attached to the hairpin, and you can decorate it a hoop or a comb.

Simple flower option kanzashi

Flowers kanzashi available not only for adults but also children.To do this, choose an easier option.

Take, for example, a simple flower pattern.Cooking 5 pieces 2.5 cm wide tape. And a width of 6 cm., And the same red color components.Treat the lighter edge.Impose a red ribbon on white with a shift of 0.5 cm. Faceup.Carefully sewn all the pieces on the edge, connecting with each other petals.We pulled together and sew the first and fifth pitch.

Lower corners to turn out, pull and cut off the excess.Singe cut edge.Getting the production midway.Take the three tape strips of red and white.Fold one strip to the other with a shift of 0.5 cm., But in this case the top piece is white.workpieces Length 10 cm. Fold the resulting strips so that the left triangle and fix elements with pins.Then sew thread so that a center line like a big circle.Excess tissue outside the circle cut off.We pass the edge of the lighter and astringent.

Insert resulting in the middle of a flower center and sew to the base.Our flower can be decorated with rubber band for hair or any pins.


in the modern world is not spelled out in the modern European countries like to wear jewelry in hairstyles, but in Japan kanzashi must comply with the social status and age of the owner.

Initially these products were of a Geisha (in "human art" translation).Crafts was one of the compulsory classes in them, and they artfully decorated their crests.Now Japan is mainly used kanzashi bride during the marriage ceremony.

kanzashi Art is very popular at the moment.Its continuation is found in the manufacture of brooches, rings, hoops, elegant bandages, elastic bands for hair.A variety of bracelets look amazing, because for their production are also used beads, rhinestones and a variety of sequins.

Each talented needlewoman kanzashi can master the technique, and you try!