Scrapbooking : What is it ?

Scrapbooking : What is it ?

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Scrapbooking: What is it?

In recent years become a very popular hobby scrapbooking.What is it interested in the many lovers of decorative art.In this article we will try to find out.

Scrapbooking: Scrapbooking

definition - is a fascinating hobby, which is a hand-decorated photo albums, diaries, photo frames, postcards, boxes and any other things with applications of different materials.This, as a rule, scrap paper, ribbons, buttons, flowers, beads - everything that serves to create a colorful collage of volume.

Scrapbooking is very popular among both children and adults around the world.The number of his fans continues to grow every year.It can be said, a separate species in the decorative art, which reveals the individuality of the person and gives unlimited imagination space.

materials and tools that are used in srapbukinge

important point in this technique is that the material used must be designed for the storage duration.Therefore, all materials must be chem

ically neutral (no chemical acids and lignin), including paper, glue, markers and labels.There is an abundance of different materials.It is, first of all:

  • special paper (scrap paper), which is produced in the format 30x30 cm;
  • colored paper;
  • patterned paper, which is decorated with sparkles, lacquer parts;
  • cardboard, tracing paper;
  • grommets, rhinestones, buttons, shells and so on.

On sale there are special kits for scrapbooking, which include three-dimensional stickers, labels and other decorative elements.With scrapbooking, you can arrange photo albums, book covers, photo frames and many other things.

tools that are needed for:

  • cutting mat, size not less than A3 sheet size;
  • scissors, curly scissors, cutters of different kinds;
  • shaped punches;
  • different pencils;
  • color inks;
  • double-sided tape.

Tools must be chemically neutral.Albums for scrapbooking are bolted on the rings.Albums can be done by hand.

Basic techniques

Distressing Distressing - is the most popular technique, with which sostarivayut pages (creation of scratches, scuffs, ragged edges, toning).This technique is often used in such styles as Vintage and Shabby Chic.


In this technique, two varieties: stamping and embossing wet.

Embossing - a figure squeezing through a stencil onto paper or foil.

wet embossing - heating and fusing a special powder.For wet embossing requires a special dryer, through which you will overlay the powder.

Before starting embossing paper to wipe the brush with talc.Next put on the stamp ink for special embossing stamp and attach to the sheet of paper.Apply powder on the mark and shake off the excess powder.Include a hairdryer and start gradually to heat the powder.After the powder is transformed into a smooth surface, stop heating.


Shtamping - a technique with which you can create interesting effects.This will require the ink and stamps.Stamps come in two types: silicone and rubber.Silicone seals are easier to use.

inks shtampinga divided into two types: oil-based and water-based.To use a cliche, unstick it from the packaging, glued to the snap, then carefully put on his ink.The surface of the stamp must be uniformly filled with ink.Then take a piece of paper and leans against it stamped.

You can also use other artistic techniques such as embroidery, origami.

Now scrapbooking is growing rapidly.Already there is a whole industry that produces a wide variety of materials for scrapbooking.

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