What to write on a T-shirt ?

What to write on a T-shirt ?

All people love gifts, not only receive, but also the present.Gifts are prepared for such holidays as the traditional New Year, Valentine's Day, when all the lovers express their feelings, Eighth of March - the holiday of all women, and 23 February, which has long been the holiday of all women, not just the defenders of the Fatherland, as well asBirthday - a favorite holiday not only for kids but also for adults.

But there are many people who love to present gifts just like that, as a token of love or to just cheer up.But what if all sorts of ideas have brought to life and presented, and sink to the level of banal bouquet or perfume set is not very much and want?In this case, you will come to the aid of the original, has not beaten the idea - t-shirt as a gift.

unusual gift

Many doubt that the T-shirt can be a good and memorable gift, but they are wrong.T-shirt will always be a pleasant reminder of who gave it, when and under what circumstances, this gift has been handed over.Even during the qu

arrel man wears a t-shirt and remember all the good things that can contribute to the rapid reconciliation.

In addition, T-shirt, you can express your love or sympathy for the man.How?It's very simple: to make a T-shirt original inscription and present show.Many of those who decided to present as a gift to a T-shirt with a funny sign, do not know what to write on the shirt, and to look cool, and the man was nice.I must say that a great many options here.For example, if you can not even imagine what to write on the t-shirt guy, you can use the default options, which offer shops and workshops.There are many cute or funny signs, which can not only improve your mood and have fun, but also to show your loved one the sincerity of your feelings.

is written on a T-shirt?Here are some popular inscriptions on T-shirts.Once more you can find on the Internet, simply enter in your search query: "what to write on the t-shirt options for women (Man)".Options for t-shirts Girl:

  • "Perfect in everything";
  • "Beauty Queen";
  • "Father's Daughter";
  • "And beautiful, and smart, and free";
  • "most favorite";
  • "Harmful, but beautiful";
  • "I'm not like the others";
  • "With me hard, but those who like to cope!";
  • "Keep it simple, and crown me to correct";
  • "Perfect";
  • "Angel";
  • "I'm white and fluffy!";
  • "Sweet Girl" (inscription on a T-shirt with a photo of condensed milk).

Options for t-shirts Man:

  • "The girls, I'm free!";
  • "Wanted";
  • "real boys";
  • "Do not touch!";
  • "A bad person Sasha (substitute the correct name) will not be called";
  • "real man";
  • "main family I";
  • "Single, generous, wealthy."

shirt - support your feelings

But these shirts can be found on the passers-by, it is unlikely that it will be very nice to your boyfriend or your girlfriend.If you are staying on an individual line, but did not decide what to choose, you can pick up something from the following options: his favorite phrase, a nickname that you gave him, a quote from a movie or a book, or just a couple of words thatexpress your feelings for him.In addition to the words on the T-shirt you can put your joint portrait, which will remind you that your feelings are mutual, and during the small tiffs maintain hope for a speedy reconciliation.Also favorite, t-shirt and you can give your best friend or girlfriend, who were always there and support you in whatever difficult situation you happen to be.What can you write on a T-shirt for a friend?

Aphorisms on the shirt

There are lots of options, too.Firstly, you can choose some nice aphorism about friendship that will accurately describe your relationship.Secondly, in the same way as for a loved one, you can order a T-shirt instead of writing your joint portrait.Another option - to write on a T-shirt funny catchphrase your friend, that a limited number of people knew.