How to play Minecraft?

How to play Minecraft?

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How to play Minecraft?

Minecraft - is a cult game from the first person, created by Markus Persson.The graphics in the game for beginners looks weird and vague goal of the game.This article will try to tell and show you how to play minecraft.

name of the game is translated as "Shahterske craft."It largely determines the substantive essence of the game.If we talk about the purpose of the game is simple, it is similar to the goal of the game in the Lego.It is the creation of different things out of blocks up to the 8-bit CPU, and in other words, the game genre - "sandbox".

Game Modes

The sole purpose of such action is in the classical version ( "Classic").The only mode available in the classic version - is a creative ( "Creative").In it the players do not need to produce blocks for building, they are in unlimited quantities.Also, do not need to monitor the health and injuries.Dying can only be falling into "the void".Mobs are, but they do not threaten you, if they do

not touch.Thanks to this regime any entertainment such as pixel-art and splif - a special kind of sports in Minecraft.There

survival mode ( "Survival"), in which there are various monsters and, therefore, the player must defend himself from them, and also to build objects.All blocks for the construction of mined independently in contrast to the previous regime.Because resources are made items through a combination of items, you can create a new one.This is called the craft.Recipes can be searched either on various resources such as Wikipedia by Maynkraft or guess yourself, what is more interesting.

There is also a mode where added to friendly or neutral mobs.And there is a hardcore mode where death is accompanied by the loss of all built and acquired.In mulpleernom mode, you will naturally interact with other players.This interaction may be co-operation, for example, common in construction of buildings, trade organizations, etc.And maybe Damage both to the player and his buildings.

latter type of action is called grifing.There is protection from it on many servers, which, however, pose new challenges as defined territory with the resources assigned to a specific player.Another player can not take advantage of these resources.Accordingly, the newcomers will have to spend quite a lot of time in order to go forward in the world generates and find a free space.

The ultimate goal of the game for a long time did not exist.Only one of the latest versions of the added task - to kill the dragon.However, the game does not end after a mission, you can continue to craft further.

Multiplayer mode.The technical side.

now try to show how to start playing minecraft.To begin you will most likely be with the simplest version, so for you we have picked up a video how to play minecraft 1.1

Once you master the single-mode'll want to share the joy of the game with your friends, so it's worth explaining how to playminecraft together.To do this, connect to the minecraft server.The server can simultaneously play players from the local network and the Internet.This canihostaminecraftserver, you can check whether your system's performance will be to raise enough server if you want to keep the server host, it is desirable to have a static IP-address.If you have problems with dynamic IP-address, you can try hamachi program and others like it.Download here: the creation of a virtual network.And for you we have selected a video, how to play in the hamachi minecraft, applied to strata.

can connect to servers already ready.Select the appropriate server at this link mctop.But technically su select the server is not enough.To fully answer the question: "How to play minecraft on the network", - it is necessary to point out that each server has its own internal rules, so you should familiarize yourself with them.Also at the forum server is usually a whitelist (white list), where you have to enter your nickname.They are necessary to weed out inadequate players.Decide as a game mode.I would like to believe that we have helped you to understand how to play on the Internet in minecraft.

We hope that you will understand how to play minecraft game and get an unforgettable pleasure from the game.It's no wonder the game has received worldwide recognition, a special prize "of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts" (BAFTA) for his contribution to the industry of computer game, called the best independent game according to the Video Games Awards and earned its creators $ 80 million already.