How to play the robocraft?

How to play the robocraft?

Robocraft - a free online game with an interesting idea.The user is asked to create an exclusive for "sketches" its own vehicles - tanks, armored personnel carriers and other military vehicles, planes, helicopters and even something with wheels, which still has no name.It is interesting in this case, which is created by the technique can later take part in the "real" online battles.

Games Aim cyclical - create a powerful technique, win battles, earn points and use them to create even more powerful techniques.

Where to download?

Of course, the first thing you need to download the game and it is best if you do not want to pick up viruses, to do this on the official website of the game.Download the game can be free.


At the beginning of the game, each user issued three garages, various building blocks - guns, radars, wheels, etc.In addition, all new players rely unpretentious three robots that experienced players recommend immediately disassembled into parts.So, using all available tools

in the initial stage you sozdete machine that will be able to win the online battle.If you win you will receive points that can then be exchanged for new tools, creating a more powerful machine.A more powerful machine - the more serious fights, the more serious fights - more points when winning!


By the way, in addition to the game currency, to help promote the game and can be a real money.On the screen in addition to experience points (yellow figure in the top right corner of the screen) and bonuses received for fights (green numbers), counter displays real money credited to the game (blue figure).Many things, such as new parking garages, can be obtained only for real money!In addition, for real money you can also buy a premium account, which allows the user to get the initial stage of the game more tools for the construction of military vehicles.

In general, play robocraft simple, fun and exciting.The game is not very popular, but the number of its fans is growing rapidly."Blame" to a fresh idea - still far from being in every game there is an opportunity to create their own exclusive technique.Knowing now how to play robocraft, you probably also want to join the "gamers".Also robocraft can play with a friend - it's much more fun!

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