How to play the Serious Sam?

How to play the Serious Sam?

Serios Sam - the classic three-dimensional shooter with a first-person.The first version of the game appeared in 2001 and quickly gained popularity in many respects, probably due to a very strange and even absurd story.To learn how to play Serios Sam and what is the goal of the game, you will learn from this article.


The game moved into the future.Heroes can make interstellar travel, but it is an achievement causes considerable problems.Earth is constantly trying to enslave a Mental - "the last of the race of the Ancients", and only Serios Sam (in the Russian version - Serious Sam) can stop him.This, in fact, is the goal of the game.

Features gameplay

Currently, there are four parts of the game - The First Encounter ( «First Blood»), The Second Encounter or Serios Sam 2 ( "The Second Coming»), Serios Sam 3 and Serios Sam 3: BFE, which is athe prequel to The First Encounter.We know that today is preparing Serios Sam 4 - the game is scheduled for late 2014.Incidentally, Serios Sam has a lo

t more informal and ad hoc exclusive versions.

All of the games are associated with a single idea - saving the planet from Mental.The enemy does not change - change the circumstances of the fight.Serious Sam travels the planets, looking for artifacts, fights with opponents - in general, trying in every way at least for a time to reason with this very Mental.

game consists of missions, each has its own secrets, features and enemies.Online you can find a detailed description of the secrets of all missions, but, firstly, a player likes to read, and, secondly, who needs these spoilers?The main point, which is, perhaps, worth immediately uncover: for every enemy - their own tactics.In this game, you should not choose a favorite weapon, will have to use everything.

For example, you can use a gun to kill the headless kamikaze.An interesting point - if you are attacked by a crowd of children, it is necessary to concentrate and make one accurate shot on any of them.This action will cause a chain reaction, as a kamikaze exploded, catching all around.The main thing, are themselves away from the dust-started by the.

But harpies can take only a rocket launcher (as if they were swarming in the air), but when they are bored in the land - it is necessary to take the Thompson submachine gun.In general, there is a whole science.

list of monsters and the best weapon for each of them, of course, also can be found online, but again - to be fun to play, scout out once all the secrets?

Serios Sam - a full-fledged computer game for PC and notebook powerful, so download it for free on the official website of the company, of course, will not work.However, where horrible not swing if you do not want to catch the virus.Choose Verified Torrents example on the official website in the Downloads section, you can download a variety of add-ons and updates.