How to play the splinter cell?

How to play the splinter cell?

Splinter cell - a popular computer game in the genre of stealth-action based on the books by American writer Tom Clancy.The game is developed by writer JT Petty, the representative of the company Ubisoft.Download the game can be online article focuses on how to play Splinter Cell.


United States are targeted by rogue states, and only one person can remedy the situation in order to avoid a terrorist war.Sam Slate - an experienced detective who forms a unit "Black Echelon" for the destruction of the terrorists and the destruction of their deadly plans.An impressive arsenal will be in the hands of players, who will use it for intelligence purposes and for the destruction of the enemy.The team is based on the ship "Palladin", where all the information about upcoming assignments arrives.Most importantly - timely response to events occurring in the world.

Games Aim

The main objective of the game is to destroy terrorist groups, who want to attack and destroy the United Stat

es.If you and your team will not be able to keep the enemy, the game will be over, and the United States will be under the power of the enemy.

Features gameplay

Among the features of the gameplay is isolated stealth and speed, as the indiscriminate shooting and excess noise may attract the attention of terrorists to the team of Sam Schiefer.If the first two parts of the alarm is raised three times and the game is over, the last - after each alarm the enemies are becoming more cautious.

game Splinter sat blacklist - a combination of issues that require rapid decisions and actions.It should be invisible to the enemy, choose a safe way and in full use of their environment.

The game sounds added range and increased number of calls from victims.Chapter Double Agent Slate becomes a secret agent embedded in a terrorist group, and performs the tasks of the two sides.Here there is the scale of relations, which shows the attitude on the part of the terrorists and the NSA.If at least one of the scales reaches 0, the game will be over.

worth noting that playing Splinter cell Blacklist can be two by two or in corporate mode.

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