How to play the watch dogs?

How to play the watch dogs?

Watch dogs - a multi-platform computer game, which was developed in the genre action adventure open world by Ubisoft Monreal.The article says about how to play Watch dogs.But before you start the game, it is necessary to download.This can be done online


The game is set in the state of Illinois, Chicago.The territory of the city is under the hood ctOS - digital system, which holds the key not only to the entire city (from PCs to electronic distribution boards), but also has information on all residents of the city.This situation enjoyed by all without exception: from the special services and ending with hackers, who came to Chicago from around the world.Among them is the protagonist Aiden Pearce - highly skilled hacker, who was imprisoned for "high-profile" cases.Trying to find the killers of his relative, he again falls into a difficult situation.

addition to the main storyline of the game is a set of independent tasks, small games and racing missions.

game consists of 5 chapters, each of which is divided by the passage of levels.


Objectives The main objective of the game is to find and vengeance offenders Aiden Pearce.To achieve his goal, he lets nothing stop: he can not just turn off the lights, but also to control phones and communication devices.

Features gameplay

basic elements of the game Watch dogs include hacking and surveillance, so the main character is constantly enjoys it.It can crack any device that is connected with the Central Operating System (ctOS) and used as a weapon against him.For example, in order to get paid on the exhibition, he listens to telephone conversations and displays traffic lights fail to create an emergency situation.

ctOS can interact with the city with the following features:

  • off communications and supply;
  • trains stop;
  • overload electrical grids;
  • control traffic lights and machines;
  • lifting of bridges and pillars.

worth noting that playing online Watch dogs can be on the network.

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