How to play World of Tanks?

How to play World of Tanks?

World of Tanks - one of the most popular online multiplayer games.She enjoyed great success among the audience of Russian and CIS countries through exciting gameplay and simple Russian interface.


game is free.To complete the registration process, you must first download the software at download World of Tanks Client, and then install it.To create an account, go to the creation account and enter all the required data.Before playing World of Tanks, keep in mind that username to log in to the game will not your nickname, and the address of your mailbox.Finally, run the set on your computer game.A window will appear in which you will need to enter the chosen password at the registration stage and click on the Login button.If username and password are correct, you immediately find yourself in a hangar.

Before you download and install the client on your computer, check its system requirements.The greatest attention to the connection speed.Do not forget as soon as the installation is to look

into the game settings, changing some features of the program at its sole discretion.The game is updated automatically with the help of an auxiliary tool.

Game Rules

main task of the player - along with his clan of 15 people to defeat the enemy clan.Victory is considered the complete destruction of the enemy's armor, or to capture all opponent's database.With the release of the patch "World War", clans can fight for territory on a virtual map.For convenience, the world is divided into provinces, which brings control of the "gold".The second type of game currency - "credits" - goes to the players as a result of the fighting.

Perhaps the basic rules relating to unsportsmanlike behavior of its members.These are considered to be blocking the passage of armored vehicles, shooting at allies, profanity and personal insults in a chat, and many other things that can be considered as an interference with the administration of the gameplay.

tanks Classes

To understand, World of Tanks how to play, you need to get acquainted with the technique presented in the game.All tanks correspond to their real historical prototypes.There are five classes of these machines: heavy, medium and light tanks, self-propelled guns and anti-self-propelled guns.

Light tanks are very fast and maneuverable.They are effective at the start, because they can immediately advance to the desired position.They are quite difficult to destroy because they are able to quickly move around the battlefield.Medium tanks are not too thick layer of armor, they are slower than light, but powerful weapon at them.They are used to support the onset of heavy armored vehicles and attack from the flanks.

Heavy tanks are well armored, they have a very high power of the shot.Their disadvantages - slow speed and a long cooldown.Their main rivals are self-propelled guns, turns a real hunt for heavily armed technique.Although a powerful tool, these settings are very vulnerable, as they have light armor.Anti-ACS are different from them more armored frontal part.

Tactics games

To claim victory in battle, you need to clan was equipped with suitable equipment.Ideally, there should be a balance between all classes of tanks: each of them is irreplaceable and performs its own function.

example, light tanks - hunters on both types of self-propelled guns.Before the enemy will attack, they come to him in the rear, and destroy all their artillery.Heavy tanks are good for breakthroughs in urban and wooded areas, but they are very vulnerable in the field.Medium tanks are universal and apply to massive attacks and strokes on the flanks.SAU guarded base and are used for the destruction of heavy machinery.