How to play Worms?

How to play Worms?

game «Worms» has been around for twenty years and it is very popular among fans of online games.Previously, «Worms» was the usual igroy- line, and now it's a real strategy.We will understand well how to play Worms.

The essence of the game is to destroy the enemy step by step.But?opponents - it is not any robots or dangerous terrorists, and worms.Worms have many of the necessary equipment to fight the enemies.The main goal of the player is to destroy as many enemies.For success relies bonus in the form of weapons, first aid kits and similar items.The game is set the duration of the battle (timer).If the scheduled time for the worm does not have time to destroy your enemies, then comes the "instant death".The whole team is "dying" of players and the game stops.

fans of the game are constantly coming up with new conditions.Scenario creators «Worms» them bored.And they decided to comply with its own rules.Before the battle the players negotiate the network rules of the game.If one of the players did

not keep his word of honor, and violated the agreement, liquidate it.

most popular way to worm control - a "Ninja Rope".At the moment, there are many varieties of the game with a rope.For example, «Shoppa» - in this game, the worm takes a weapon in the store.And it is paying the price for his own achievements.Another kind of game with the rope is «Fly Shoppa».In it before the worm is a new task - to fly through the tower shown on the map.Worm need much swing on the rope of his miracle to do it.The most difficult type of game with a rope-Ningde - it «Roper».It does not apply to «Shoppa» type, because it is given to destroy the opponent's only a few seconds of time.The meaning of "Ninja Rope" that rocked her, cartoon character gets more opportunities to destroy the enemy.But it is not so simple.When you fight with the enemy takes into account the wind direction and the collision area (landscape).And yet, use a rope - an easy craft.For its development, you will need a lot of time.The more stages completed the player, the more difficulties waiting for him.Danger at every turn!Entangled in a maze, sink, hits the wall - is a humiliating defeat for the true warrior.Therefore, there is a sufficient number of types of Worms games.How to play on the network?

Of course, it is much more exciting.After all, online game forces the player to think carefully about every step, be careful and clever, and for defrauding destruction sopernika.Tak an attack is made on the team, the network often have skirmishes between players because of the wrong moves and other errors.But there are times when a player leads a team specifically because of resentment or revenge.

game is interesting not only for its tasks and adventures.In addition, it brings together thousands of people from different countries, cities and regions.All of them are sitting at your computer, get each other something like a family."Old men" teach "young", giving advice.Often there are disputes between the players and conflicts.But, despite all this, they are faithful and loyal to his team in «Worms».Network games are very interesting and exciting.But sometimes it is worth to think about real life, because in it a lot of obstacles, rivals and even worms.

We hope that now you no longer have a question about how to play Worms.