How to Play " Minesweeper " ?

How to Play " Minesweeper " ?

game "Minesweeper" - and the standard is very simple in terms of its performance.Nevertheless, this game can "tighten" any very long time and seriously.You can find it on every computer with Windows operating system.To do this, click "Start" - "All Programs" - "Game" - "Minesweeper."Despite the fact that this programm is practically on each computer, not all users know how to play Minesweeper.We decided to tell you the rules and give some useful tips to help you quickly learn how to play and win.

How to play the game Minesweeper - User

To begin with I want to advise you to start the game on the minimum level of complexity.Increase the size of the minefield gradually.

Purpose of the game: the player must find all the mines and neutralize them by putting them on the boxes, right-click.The left mouse button, we need to open all the cells, which have not hiding mines.

  1. So you run Minesweeper and start a new game.I went countdown.Now it is important not to run into the mine.For the first time we wi
    ll be to click on any of the closed cells.Take, for example, your intuition, for the first time.
  2. you clicked on an arbitrary cell, and opened the whole area of ​​the cell, where there are no mines.Well, now look at the figures.Here they are not random and give you very important information.These numbers show you how many mines are located near the cell with the number within a radius of one cell.In other words, if you see the number 1, then, at a distance of one cell from this number only one mine, etc.Another question - where is this mine?To the right of the cell to the left?This question will answer the rest of the numbers in other cells.
  3. If you believe that one of the closed cells is mine, mark its check box (right mouse button).
  4. clicking on the cell right mouse button twice, you put on it a question mark.This question mark on the game does not affect, however, it allows you to note the controversial cage and return to it later.Sometimes it can be very convenient.
  5. If you see, for example, that is the number 2, and next to it is already two flags that you set, you can safely open the rest within a radius of one cell near the cell.
  6. That's the way we open the rest of the cell and denote mine to win.

Now you know how to play Minesweeper!Beat your own high scores and compete with friends.The game "Minesweeper" - is not only interesting, but also very well developed logic, trains the brain as a whole.Many play it is not a year or two.If you look at a player who plays in "Minesweeper" for several years, in the course of the game just you wonder.He opens the cells so quickly that it is quite unclear how such a thing is possible.Of course, just like any other game "Minesweeper" too boring.However, the week has to be held, and you want to increase the minefield again, beat the record time and brag to friends.