How to play the assassin ?

How to play the assassin ?

Assassin's Creed - Ubisoft game from the company released in 2007.The game has become a popular hit among many gamers of the world and won many awards in the games industry.After the first part was released many sequels of the series.

However, not every gamer knows how to play the assassin.We will understand how to play the assassin, together.

Download the game can be a torrent, or to purchase the paid version of the official website at the company Ubisoft.To install the game you can read in our article How to install Assassins Creed.

Before you understand the features of the gameplay, look at the story and goal of the game in general.

plot and game object

action game Assassin's Creed is set in two time lines.In 2012 and in 1191.In the first case will have to take the role of a young bartender Desmond Miles, who uses the machine "Animus" corporation "Abstergo" to see past his ancestor Altair, which is in the order of murderers.

The aim of the game is to uncover the secret of the game for a m

ysterious artifact of the First Civilization, which gives enormous power.But for the artifact being chased not only by members of the Order of the Assassins, but also members of the Knights Templar, who are enemies of the Assassins.

Features gameplay

The game allows the player to freely explore the world without frames and borders.Almost from the beginning the whole vast territory of the Holy Land will be available.Navigate through the area, you can play both on foot and on horseback.However, along the way will constantly meet enemies, which can be bypassed or covertly kill.

The main feature of the game - the ability to climb any building without restrictions.Parkour developed very well, allowing you to run across rooftops and hiding from enemies, hanging over them.

Another plus of the game is that you can win back the role of the killer with a concealed blade hidden in the wrist.Many missions will be paired with a secretive murder and displacement locations.Also, players will be able to mingle with the crowd, that will not let enemies find you.

The combat system in the game is made in real time.You can strike a stealthy blade and sword fighting with several enemies and demonstrating the wonders of acrobatics and agility.Kill the enemies as you can and secretly crept up from behind or jumping off a building.In the cities, the game also has shops with a variety of weapons on the counter.

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