How to play the Transformers battle ?

How to play the Transformers battle ?

game "Battle of the Transformers" - is a great way to enjoy your free time.It surely will appeal to every fan of fascinating and exciting game with an interesting plot.

Game Description

If you decide to find out how to play "Battle of the Transformers," keep in mind that you will be able to choose one of the two Transformers - Optimus Prime or Bumblebee.The first is characterized by a strong armor and powerful weapons.However, it is very slow.Yes, and jump almost out, respectively, a lot of bonuses will remain out of reach.As for the Bumblebee, it is lightly robot, quite jumpy and nimble.It is easy to climb to the upper floors, with confidence jumping on the balconies.The only drawback would be the weak armor.

Games Aim

main task of the player at each level will be the destruction of enemies.You will fight to the moment when the map will be at least one enemy.Additionally, the player needs to jump on the different steps and roofs of tall buildings.This will not only get closer to the enemy, b

ut also to find a nice bonus.Collecting them, you can get extra points or restore health, spent in battles with the enemy.Note that the location of the enemy indicated with colored arrows.

Features gameplay

to destroy the enemy Decepticons, you will need to use the right weapon.In the game "Battle of the Transformers," you get a laser (ranged attack) and Sword (melee).You will have throughout the game to decide when and what weapons should be used to more effectively destroy opponents.

Play the game "Battle of the Transformers' is easy.The main thing - to understand how to control your character with the keyboard.You must use the following buttons:

  • «W» is responsible for the jump.
  • «A» - move left.
  • «D» - the right.
  • «C» - transforming the character into the car (the hero gets higher speed of movement).
  • «Z» - to change weapons.
  • Left mouse button - shooting.

Ahead players expect challenging and exciting battle that will require them to lightning fast response, excellent coordination and the ability to "feel" his hero.

Download game "Battle of the Transformers' here.Move from one level to another, overcoming enemies.Pick up bonuses and change weapons to get to the end and finish the centuries-old battle between the mechanical inhabitants of our galaxy.

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