How to play the bridge vanted ?

How to play the bridge vanted ?

Many gamers love to play racing games.One of the most popular racing game is Need for Speed ​​Most Wanted.Thanks to the huge world where you can ride around the city in free mode, and change the appearance of the machine, the game has gained worldwide popularity.

However, not every gamer who downloaded from the network this wonderful arcade race, knows how to play the odds AIDS NID vanted bridge.How to play

Download and install the game, you can read our article Where NFS download.

After installing the game menu you can adjust the graphics and other options, and then select a single company, and dive into the world and storyline.

You start on a simple nondescript car near his home.Due to the open spaces you can ride around the city and participate in the races in which you wish.All of them will be able to see you on the map.

In addition, the city can find a variety of shops and car garages.The garages can change the look of the car and improve it by adding more powerful engine, the cylinder

"Nitro" or other great tools.

fulfilling the mission, you advance through the story further and conquer status in the world of street racers.It is also necessary to avoid the police, who will try to catch you and stop.To do this, you need only to break away from persecution and hide in a secluded place.

single company is quite interesting and diverse.However, you can play online and with other players.

How to play the vanted bridge over

Network To play on the network, you must connect to the server.To do this:

  1. updates the game to the latest version here.
  2. Download and install Hamachi program.By registering and find the right room for games on the network.
  3. download files «speed.exe »and make the replacement the same file in the game folder.
  4. Start the game through the «Speed ​​file.exe ».
  5. Under "Local game" we will be able to see all available races.It is necessary to join them and play.

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