How to play the heavens ?

How to play the heavens ?

Heaven - is a browser game.It can not be downloaded to your computer, and you can only play on the official site, while making binding to the personal FaceBook account, you will receive certain bonuses.Following the link, you can start the game Vkontakte.Heaven perfectly combines several genres: strategy, MMORPG, economic and logical game.This is an interesting, but not a difficult game.

main plot is that you get to the island, which are among the clouds.That they will fight to the player in the role of the Guardian mythical monsters and villains.The game is interesting because you are not playing with bots, but with real people.


player selects the path that it moves in the game Heaven.So, to begin with, he chooses a cult, a total of six - Festival, Virgo, Defender, Grief, terrifying and Destroyer.Of course, every religion has its own characteristics, strengths and weaknesses.Once the cult is selected, you can choose a character for whom you play.

Traveling the marvelous islands, collect

crystals, diamonds and energy.You can also buy a variety of items that you need, in a store or other Keepers players.You can easily arrange a purchase you are interested in the subject.

How to play the game Heaven

Player waiting for an unforgettable adventure - you have to solve puzzles, to pump your character.For example, collecting the logical chain of various elements, the player receives a variety of skills:.. Treatment unit, a critical hit, manna, etc. Those or other combination increases the strength of character.We need to make a single turn burned down as many chips as possible.There are basic rules:

  • to attack and inflict damage to the enemy, you need to collect in one row a few skulls.
  • to regain their health, collect Ankh.
  • To replenish mana, collect colored stones.

general created a huge number of computer games, some of which deserve attention, while others become your favorite games.Closely acquainted with what is in the game can become a computer of the game.