How to play lord of the rings ?

How to play lord of the rings ?

Lord of the Rings Online - multiplayer role-playing game that launched the company in 2007 Turbine.As with any multiplayer game, The Lord of the Rings Online lets you play a variety of players in a fantasy world.

However, to play a game, it is necessary to establish and understand the gameplay and story.To learn how to play Lord of the Rings Online, it will be described hereinafter.

How to install

Download and install the game can be like a torrent, and from the official website of the game.However, often there is a torrent of games and add-ons have to install them by downloading from the official site.

For the game need a good internet connection and the necessary requirements for your computer or laptop hardware.

Let us plot, the purpose and features of the gameplay the game.

game's plot

The game begins with the departure from the Shire, Frodo and goes along with the history of the novel.With each new addition to fee-paying game gives more plot that reveals the world with interesting sid

es.Each addon also changes the timeline of the game.If in the first addon story develops during the first book, in the second story in the expansion areas of the world moves toward a second book.With each new addon change of location and time frame.

You have to play the unknown warrior who has the opportunity to meet with the main characters of the book and film, as well as fight with them shoulder to shoulder.

game in terms of plot is huge and will take a long time for any player.

Features gameplay

player is given a choice of four races:

  • People.
  • Dwarfs.
  • Elves.
  • Hobbits.

Each race has its pluses and minuses.

also a player at character creation will be available 11 playable classes, which will give the opportunity to choose the role that a gamer wants to perform in the game.

leveling is the same as in any other multiplayer role-playing game.It is necessary to kill the monsters, animals and other games of virtual characters to gain experience and items from them.You can also do quests, which also give a lot of experience.

With each level the player will receive the skills and characteristics of the distribution points to improve your character, as well as be able to go to a higher-level area where you can get from the monsters more good things.

is also a system of crafts and mining professions to create things and resource extraction.It diversifies the game even more, giving players the opportunity to trade with each other created things.

Players can form guilds and groups, which will take place in the team of the game content.All communication takes place through the team chat window.

from time to time in the game take place in the form of holidays and festivals of various Eventov.Also, the player can be a simple gift was presented during these holidays.

present system and battles between players in special locations in the world.It also provides expertise, pumping and things.

In the game there is always a huge amount of content for the entertainment for all walks of players online multiplayer role-playing games.

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