How to play miner ?

How to play miner ?

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miner How to play?

character Techies and Miner came in Game 5 September 2014, triggering a wide response among the players Dota 2. To bring the enemy team to a white heat, it is necessary to know how to play dota miner, because the right choice of subjects, use of multiple tactics and skills will enable competent pumping almost single-handedly decide the outcome of many games.

Playing for miner

should know that the miner has 4 main skill (activation button does not count):

  • Land Mines;
  • Statis Trap;
  • Suicide;
  • Remote Mines.

With the first miner skill sets invisible mines that cause 300 damage to the first level of pumping.Thus, the installation of 3-4 minutes at an early stage will help ensure demolish any player caught in the epicenter of the explosion.To do this, we swing land mines, buy 2 scrolls of teleportation, 5 clarity and smoke.

The whole kit will quickly get to the desired point, to lay mines there and destroy the player in the first seconds of the gam

e.We leave either on the top or on the bottom rune, using smoke, and put mines, sipping clarity to restore mana.

If done quickly, then you will have time until the appearance of the runes to put the required number of minutes and the first blood was shed.Next, your task is to continue to lay mines on the roads, which usually goes to the enemy Meader runes or try to undermine the secret shop on line, but it is likely in such a case to be seen by enemies.

Mid games

By this time must be set sneakers mana, soul ring and outlines Blood Stone or Blink Dagger, depending on the situation on the map.If you are constant mass brawl, then the best choice would be a dagger teleportation, which will break into the crowd of enemies and suicide, inflicting great damage.

In addition, if you manage to stay a little bit in the epicenter of events, you can use the Statis Trap, which is on the last level of pumping gives 6 seconds mill at enemies, which is a record figure.This time is more than enough to destroy the enemies and your allies.

Late stage match

Items such as Aghanim's Scepter, Blood Stone and Travel Boots have certainly already be purchased.Boots need for an active repulsion and forcing the enemy lines, the stone will not run constantly at the base to restore health and mana, and a scepter will enhance the effect of ultimates.

To protect your base you need to play a miner as follows: Set your remote mines to approach your haygraundu to fans stand five of us in the tower and wait for the right moment to attack again came under the explosive power of your minutes.