How to pass the Winx ?

How to pass the Winx ?

Here is a detailed guide on how to beat the game Winx (Winx).


game to start a little bit of control.It is standard, but just in case recall: forward - up arrow, reverse - down arrow, left and right - respectively, the left and right arrows, jump - space.

now about how to pass the Winx Club.Bring our heroine Bloom to the gate and ask the couple in love to open them, a young man for you and do it.Stepping through the gate, you need to learn to jump - it's oh so soon we will need.Next, collect diamonds and knock asterisks from the trees.Also do not forget to pick up white circles and open chests (here we come to the aid "Enter" key).And soon it will take another throw and fire - for this we use the paint - the left mouse button to shoot, and RMB - right mouse button to aim.After some time, and we need one more skill - setting boards.What we have not yet activated the key?We are using the "Shift" of the case.

first boss: a giant win

won several red monsters, go to another location, wh

ere we have a new battle.Our Bloom should already know how to deftly jump over precipices and catch up and shoot accurately.Do not forget about the "Shift" - use shields against stones.Well, we got up and the first boss in the game - congratulations!It's a giant, which beat quite easily.You just circling around it and when it appears on the red arrow to the skull, throw balls that is urine.But during an appearance on a giant white flares put a shield (you should already know how to do it well up to this point).Drop-down energy from a net to pick up possible, but not black - because only lose power.After defeating the villain, we move on.


School Now we go to school.After the cutscene, where you will see the farewell to parents looking for a bloom to her room.The room you will find on the label on the door of "Bloom" - this is how the English language is written the name of our heroine.You can go into the room, as well as get acquainted with the other inhabitants of the house - the same feechkami as she Bloom, and gossip about various trifles.By the way, to get yourself a nice dress for the ball, you need to talk to Lumoy - fashion.And now we proceed to perform various tasks.Yes, before they pass Winx completely, you have to perform a lot of different quests.All of these side quests are not that complicated, so do not think that their implementation you will spend a lot of effort.By the way, if a character has a job for you, you will see the yellow stone above his head.

Preparing for the ball

The most difficult task is to find earrings for Stella.To do this, go to the Gardenia and find them in the clearing.Little hint: the task is facilitated by the fact that when you get close to the earrings, "Enter" will appear, and by pressing the appropriate key, you take away them.Back at the Alpheus and distributing feechkam found things are going to lume, which asks us to look for the lost scissors (everything is all forgotten).Scissors not hard to find: go to Bloom in the ballroom, jump on the table right at the end of which is an essential accessory.Now Luma can make us blue dress.Further, if you wish, you can book with her and other clothing.It will cost is not cheap, but what you have paid in order to look stylish.At the ball, then roll to dress our beauty will have to talk to some Brandon.Here be careful to win the final.Tell him, as you well in Medzhiks and visit that you can not stay with him longer.

new job

After the ball go to the professor with a funny name Palladium, which will give us the task to find three feechek the swamp.Before you go there, take the job and at the same time from Flora - she wanted to have one helluva lot of carnivorous plants, and if the girl which the head will climb up ... In general, the swamp is fun, but it is quite passable.Having won the next boss - troll, you will see how techno capture witches of Cloud Tower and Bloom relieve it through a ring of Stella.For information on how to enter the Winx Cloud Tower, talk later, but for now we give a small predatory Kvetusa Flora and go to the Palladium for a reward.

first trip to the Cloud Tower

now perform scheduled tasks, Bring-bring (this time the book) and go to Cloud Tower (after all it is necessary to return the ring Stella).To get there, you need to find the bottom of the cabinet with the statue of the tower itself and enter the code "3921" written on a piece of paper found in the headmistress's office.Now take the statue and go to the ballroom pass, put the statue on a pedestal and go in the picture appeared in the portal.The Cloud Tower press "r" at the glowing door to open it.Then pull the lever - and a ladder will appear.We take the sleeping minotaur hair Muses, and the rooms Icy, Darcy and Stormy take away the ring Stella (it will be in a heap of rubbish) and the snowflake for Luma.Then you will meet with your boss - a beetle.Easily winning it and watch another movie.

Real witches

It is time to talk with Brandon again.The first phrase can be any (well, praise Medzhiks again), but then have to answer like this: "Thank you, it helped me" and "you can about something to ask you?"Remember locker code: 0001. Now set the statuette in the left passage and jump into the portal.There is nothing complicated, except that in the battle with Diaspro wait until she put a shield and accumulate energy to shoot well.But in the ensuing battle with the witches put a shield when they cause a storm.But the wretch still take away your precious Dragon Fire.Can you live with that?Of course not!

Back to

tower But until a new appointment will need help to get a couple of Palladium crystals from the planet Iskra (the birthplace Bloom).The challenges here are not special there, except that solve the puzzle with the statues of the diamond.Here the solution: a fire, a month, a candle and the sun.Then go on the red tile in the room with colored floor, and to unlock the door, place the bottom of the picture candles and flower.Now we fall next boss (and where so many of them ?!) and we go to Cloud Tower for shamelessly stolen good - Fire Dragon by doing passing a couple of side quests.

Hollywood Ending

A "coin is a fake," then there is a fire - a fake.We run from the Tower and spend the night in the woods with Skye (which is just such a prince turned out to Brandon).Correctly select the words: "take away a frown," "I believe you and I know that will not leave me" and "you do not exactly want to talk yet?"That's all there was last battle.Dragon Fire in Bloom actually no one takes, and with it, we will easily win Aisi (press spacebar).That's all: our heroes kiss, and live happily ever after, and you can also watch the video how to beat the game Winx.