How to make a car in Garry's Mod?

How to make a car in Garry

The well-known Half-Life 2 has long been subservient user modifications that make it a completely different, but no less interesting game.For example, to take a certain number of modifications Garry's Mod.In this supplement, the game turns into one huge poligonoobraznuyu sandbox in which the player can tinkering all.A set of gaming tools and add-ons each time turning the game into a new era of designer Lego.The player can build a fortification and military equipment, it can be a tricycle with a bazooka, a car, a tank or some other funny and deadly experiment.Yet, there are several ways in Garrys Mod, how to make a car.Here, we describe one of them.

method to make the car

To get started you will need to define the frame of the machine, it can be both boxes and flat surface.Once you have decided on the basis, it should be raised to a certain height from the ground the blue gun and lock the right mouse button.

Then you need to add a car wheel.To do this, hold the Q key, it will transfer us Garrys

Mod menu.Next on the menu to find Wheels tab and choose your favorite wheels.In the settings you specify the control wheels, as well as the speed of their rotation.After installation of the wheels on the box should be checked if all the wheels are spinning in the same direction, and if you need to correct the movement, press button E. check and correct all kinds of errors, you can put rocket boosters on the car.To do this, hold down the costs of Q and go to submenu Thruster.

machines Download for Garrys Mod

Now let's talk about where you can download the machine Garrys Mod.To do this, you can find specific files on websites devoted to this game.But the whole car, you do not get it you have to collect or seek to collect the debt, and then another, to correct it.

machines Garrys Mod 10 are no different from other assemblies, all made by the thumb and the system does not require much effort.The entire catch in the creation of a super tricked out car - it is your imagination.Any constructed your machine will work.You should not only immediately retreat.After three or four attempts you start to get and you can more skillfully to create any structures and mechanisms.

Those text instructions are not very clear, can watch training videos for this game, there are a couple of interesting and informative lessons.For the rest there are a lot of different guides for Garrys Mod.How to create a machine - one of the questions which it referred.Most of them are made in the form of step by step instructions with pictures.In addition, YouTube has a large number of lessons on the subject.