How to make a movie ?

How to make a movie ?

Many gamers eventually reach the level of its ability, that they want to share their skills with other players.And then, as a rule, so it decided how to make your gameplay movie.Let's elaborate on how to make a good movie.

First of all, you must be wondering what the movie at all.The word "movie" is derived from the contraction of the original English "movie", which means "cinema" in a literal translation.What kind of movie are we talking about gamers?Of course, this is a video of what is happening on the screen gameplay and gameplay - closer to the idea, imbued with the jargon.

Most often, players are wondering how to make a movie cs or WoW.This is easily explained - the game data can rightly be considered the most popular among the masses, gamers of all ages and faiths.

tips, how to make a beautiful movie

Yes, let's start with the theory and practice - a little later.So, to make your movie is beautiful, it is necessary to be patient!Here's what you need to make a quality movie:

  1. program to capture video from the screen.
  2. program, recording the sound for the movie.
  3. platform for processing audio and video tracks, adding effects and details.
  4. really high skill games.
  5. Pretty powerful computer.
  6. ideas and imagination!

consider individually each item needed to make a movie.

Zafrapsi it completely!

Title guards?Oh, someone is not yet familiar with a term such as "Fraps"?It is urgent to fix this annoying bug!

«Frapsanut", "zafrapsit" - as you probably already guessed, the narrow slang.There was a word from the name of the peerless Fraps program.Fraps is vital budding movie-makers (yes, you can now proudly call themselves so) without it does not make a good movie.Why is it unique?

Fraps - a software tool which serves us as a screen of the camera.Simply put, using Fraps can record video from the monitor of your computer directly to your hard drive.Indeed, to make the same movie the CS, holding a camera, it would be ridiculous.Personally, I would not risk the spread of such a movie for everyone to see on the same YouTube page, so as not to remain in the memory and hearts of people aki lol.

What about Fraps?The program can be downloaded from the official site: download Fraps.It takes up little space on your hard disk, but the final product, namely muviki made frapsom little scare you.The fact that this program writes "vsyruyu" without compressing any video codec, which leads to hardcore pozhiratelstvu on your hard disk.

This has its pluses: Let minute video made by a movie clip for games, weighs about 2 gigabytes (provided that your monitor has a resolution of 1280x1024).But the capture process did not cause your wrinkles around the eyes smoothed by furious slideshow of displayed before your favorite game.You are engaged in video decoding?If not, I would say very superficial: it is very, very resource-intensive process.In particular, the demanding performance of the CPU, even high-tech labor oldfagi and vzvoyut on technologies like the Cuda, but few can afford the monster (computer) that can maintain a decent framerate in the game and at the same time engaged in rendering or converting video files.So, to make a movie by yourself, you will need Fraps.

zvukozahvata With regard to the program, the same almighty Fraps to help.He can write audio at the same time, how to make movie.

What do movie

It sounds funny, but we were not joking.In addition to how to record a video of the game, you need to handle it.And it's not even in the amount of the movie clip where you knead for 4 minutes someone in the arena or DeDast2 abundantly watering the surface of the hard drive 16 gigabytes of ones and zeros.Okay, you can afford it, having dvuhterabaytny drive, but pity the poor employees of the data center Utube!They and so hard for, because to hear a symphony, to publish thousands of the HDD, not everyone's strength.And such would-be players are forced to increase their shelves for storage up to the ceiling.

enough reasoning, because we have decided to make a good movie!A good movie should be reserved checker with all sorts of fancy effects, both sudden and slow-quite useless a motion, the screen color to black and white or shades - of the gods!- Deciduous letters in texts senseless and catchy signature carelessly imposed on the video!No good movie will not be recognized by the public, as long as you do not supplement it with a truly heartbreaking effects.

How to make the intro to the movie clip without having skills with powerful video editing?I advise you to check out here.And the Sony Vegas can be downloaded here: download Sony Vegas.Sony Vegas - the best, in my opinion, a video editor for the future movie.Here you can easily learn how to make a movie from the demo of some games, for example.But there is one "but."If you are not willing to give up their hard-earned 16,000 rubles for the license Vegas and take risks you do not like very ... (no, you would love to take risks, you have probably tried to download torrent files to all sorts of Sony Vegas, for example: Sony Vegas Torrent) Then thereexit!Standard editor Windows Movie Maker helps you make the intro to the movie clip and the movie itself.

All N00bs must Die!

angrily but sincerely.Now we just have to put things in the thought of how to make a good movie of its gameplay.You probably already knew a hint ... No, it's not a hint, and a direct call - let's say "no" to the low-level products of fermentation brains of middle-school level!

You do not want the embarrassment?And any one of us would not like to hear about themselves or about their activities negative reviews.Therefore, I implore - before you make a movie of your game, ask the opinion of other more or less adequate and competent players.Perhaps you do movie is too early?


problems we touched on the subject of the performance of your computer.I would like to advise you on what you need to pay attention before you make a movie.

  1. lot of free space on the HDD (or SSD).
  2. good processor.Multi-core, high-frequency cores and worthy cooler.You have to spend a lot of time making the movie.
  3. worthy of RAM.The frequencies, timings and volume.
  4. Video.It would be ideal that you have a graphics card that supports the technologies to help decode the video, partially or completely offloading the CPU.

And most importantly - to make a beautiful movie, you need a unique idea!Well, it is something you probably have, otherwise it would be wrong to repeat someone else's ideas and moves, giving it for work.Do not forget to comment on their actions in the game, sometimes it is possible "in the subject" embed music.Let your movie will be interesting for someone who will watch it!A simple soundless video is not so interesting, as supported by the author's witty comments movie.

I hope we were able to explain what you need to create your own movie.How to make a good movie?Just!