How to make your collection?

How to make your collection?

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How to make your collection?

Create your assembly Minecraft - is not easy, but if you have a desire to succeed.So how do you make your assembly Minecraft?

Download and initial setup

  1. Go to one of the many sites devoted Maynkraft, and download the game.The downloaded file will have permission to archive.
  2. located in the downloaded archive file.exe and install the game.
  3. Start the search mode "Start / Run" (or press "hot" Win + R key).
  4. In the search bar indicate "% appdata%", click "OK".
  5. In the resulting window, select the folder.minecraft ", hereinafter" bin ", open the file" minecraft.jar "in archive mode.
  6. Download the mod" OptiFine ", adds a lot of other interesting options. The mod is downloaded in the archive, unpack it.
  7. Content Archive" OptiFine "copy file" minecraft.jar. "

Installing mods

Strictly speaking, this is the most important part of our collection. You can download a lot of mods, but it is important to understand that some may require addition

al software to be installed.

Mo'Creatures Mod

This mod is responsible for. presence in the game all sorts of living beings (from snails to elephants)

need to set the fashion: fashion itself, the program minecraft Forge, GuiAPI, CustomMobSpawner


  1. The file "minecraft.jar "portable archive content MinecraftForge.
  2. The file" coremods "(located in the folder. minecraft") portable GuiAPI file.
  3. The mods folder (. Is located in the minecraft ") define the data files MoCreatures Mod and CustomMobSpawner

Biomes O'Plenty

This mod is responsible for the creation of new resources required for its installation:.. Very fashion and Minecraft Forge


start installation:.

  1. The file minecraft jar "Transfer content MinecraftForge archive.
  2. The mods folder define data Biomes O'Plenty archive.

As you can see, mods installation process is reduced to a room in different folders of the game new files so that further experiments you can perform yourself.Searching for the desired events, read the instructions in the installation and install it.That's all.

Tip!When downloading mods and additional software to prevent viruses to your computer, use the proven large portals dedicated of Minecraft, for example -,, maynkrafting.rf.

can also install additional maps and cheats on Minecraft.For information about how to perform these tasks can be found in video games.