How to take a screenshot of the game ?

How to take a screenshot of the game ?

Many games, especially multiplayer support the creation of screenshots directly in the game, some players such opportunities do not provide.How to make a screenshot of the game in different situations?

When the game supports the creation of screenshots

As a rule, for the creation of screenshots responsible PrtScr button.It can be found in the game settings control the keyboard and appoint in its place any other key.After pressing the PrtScr screenshot or appears in the directory with the game, or in the "My Documents", which are saved.

When the game can take pictures

In some games, you can take photos.The most striking example - a series of Grand Theft Auto, in which, by controlling your character with your camera or phone, you can take photos.On special no need to press a button, it is only necessary to have in the virtual world of the photographing apparatus.

When the game can not take screenshots and photograph

How to take a screenshot of the game screen in such a case?It is necessary t

o use either standard features of your operating system, or have recourse to additional programs.

standard in Windows can create screenshots:

  1. In the game, click on the button PrtScr.
  2. Minimize or close the game.
  3. Open Paint or any other image editor.
  4. Insert an image (a combination of Ctrl + V).
  5. Save the image.

But when in the game to do some screenshots each time to turn off the game uncomfortable.Then you have to download a program to create screenshots.

program Screenshot Creator

Convenient and flexible program - Screenshot Creator.After downloading, install and run it icon appears in the system tray.How to take a screenshot of the game with this program?First, set it:

  1. first on the hard disk, create a folder in which to save screenshots.
  2. A shortcut in the system tray, open the window, or press Shift + PrtScr.
  3. tab "Basic Settings".
  4. Locate the heading "Operating mode program."
  5. Put switch box marked "Save automatically (see. Tab" Auto-save ")."By clicking on the button PrtScr screenshot is automatically saved.
  6. Scroll down to find the title of "Auto (run the program with Windows)ยป.
  7. Put switch box marked "For all users (requires administrator privileges)" or "for the current user only."The program will be started immediately after booting the OS.
  8. tab "AutoSave".
  9. to the right of "Directory", click on the button "Browse" and select the folder you created to save the screenshots (paragraph 1).Screenshots are saved in the specified folder.
  10. You can configure hotkeys in the eponymous tab, and to delve into the rest of the settings.
  11. Close the program.