How do you spray?

How do you spray?

Many players want to have a unique spray in CS Source.In the network there are people offering creation spray for a relatively small fee, but why spend the money if you make your own logo can be any?Let's look at how to make your own spray.

General requirements

There are some requirements to be met by the spray so that it is displayed in the game.These requirements include:

  • image must be in the format bmp, jpg, vtf or tga.
  • file format.vtf should not exceed 120 kb.
  • Multiplicity image size must be equal to two, that is, the possible dimensions of 32x32, 120x120 and so on.

Let's move on to the instructions on how to spray for CSS.

Normal spray

to create very simple spray, you just need to choose your favorite picture, crop it to the desired size and converted to the correct format if necessary.To add a logo to the game during gameplay, go to "Settings" and there select "Import Spray ...ยป.In the window that opens, find your image, open it and save your changes.Sometimes, in order to spray

was visible, you need to restart the game.

Transparent Spray

Normal spray to do is very simple, but often players want to do something more beautiful.That is why it is important to understand how to make a transparent spray, ie image with a transparent background.In order to make such a logo, you will need Photoshop and the desired picture.It is necessary to open the program and cut to size.Then, with the help of Photoshop tools (lasso, magic wand, feather and so forth.) Carefully select the part of the image, which should be visible in the spray.For example, separate the image from the background.

Then click on the tab "Channels" and create a new channel with a white opacity to 0%.The area that you previously identified, it is necessary to fill with white.After that, save the image as a file-TARGA.Before saving, check all the settings: in front of "32 bits \ pixel" and "Alpha Channels" should be checked, but on the contrary, "Seal" - no.Then you only need to import the spray in the game and use it.

Sometimes such that the game can not correctly recognize you create a transparent spray.In this case, use the program Vtex.It needs to be unpacked at any location on the computer.Spray your file copy vvtex \ hl2 \ materialsrc \ sprays, then run vtex \ tga2vtf.bat.After that, in the folder where you copied the TARGA-file will be based on two files you spray: with extensions.and vmt.vtf.They need to be copied to the folder of the game, in which the logos are stored.After these manipulations import spray is no longer necessary, as it will automatically be displayed in the game.

animated spray

For users who are wondering how to make an animated spray, there are several programs to do so.For example, SprayR utility can be used to create both conventional and for animated sprays.It can convert video into animated sprays.The utility interface is very simple.

Also very popular is the program Animated Texture Converter.To make an animated spray with it, you will need to pre-prepare several images, each of which is a future frame animation.Pictures can be treated with the help of Photoshop.It is important that they are stored as TARGA-files, otherwise nothing will happen.As a result of the program, you will get two files of your spray.It is important that the file.vtf not weigh more than 120 kb, otherwise the game just will not find it.