How to create a GTA San Andreas?

How to create a GTA San Andreas?

GTA San Andreas is a cult game in which many players like to play not only in offline mode, but also on the Internet.Such interest contributes to the presence of different mods that let out, seemingly playing with the genre of Action to create a full of RPG, in which you live and act almost like a real person.To allow you to expand the brink of a favorite game, in this article you will learn how to create in gta san andreas their own playground.

Setting GTA SA and creation

server First, you need to install just the game itself.The installation process is described in detail in the article How to install GTA San Andreas.Then you need to find on the internet ready server with SAMP-modes.You can use, for example, that the SAMP-fashion site for GTA SA.Further, in the section "San Andreas Multiplayer" select category "Gamemodes".Downloading any favorite mods and proceed to install.

To create a server gta san andreas, follow the instructions below:

  1. Downloading the file from the specified site and
    unpack it on your computer (you will need to download the distribution registration);
  2. Go to the folder with the mod and open the file "server cfg." Via Notepad;
  3. Change to open the configuration file for your server, without touching the option: lanmode;
  4. Launch shortcut "samp-server", then "GTA Multiplayer" (should you be after executing instructions according to the above article);
  5. myip on check your address on the web.For example, it is: the file server.cfg copy the value in the line port (eg 2222) and add to your IP via the colon.It should look something like:;
  6. In Multiplayer add the server's address in the window that appears after clicking the button: Add to Favorites.

flight numbers and will be the address of your server to which people can go.

Installation fashion and creation of gangs in GTA SA

For this game there are more than 1000 different mods and skins that will diversify the gameplay.For most of them it is necessary to use CLEO-scripts.Detailed installation instructions can be found in the article How to install a mod to GTA.

To create a gang in fashion SAMP, you need to register in the game console command: / gang - Create a gang.On some servers, this function is only available to administrators.For more information about gangs in GTA SA can be found in the article How to hire a gang in the GTA (GTA).