How to create a left 4 dead?

How to create a left 4 dead?

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How to create a left 4 dead?

to crumble zombies in the team or the game to measure abilities in such a great game like left 4 dead, you need to have the server, and preferably your own.All computer games have their own characteristics, we consider how to create a server in this game.

How to create a lobby in left 4 dead

  1. Decide which network you will create it.You can open the server in the local network to play with a friend via a cable.You can also create through Tunngle lobby or Garena.This is the same local server, but it will spread to the entire room, therefore, you can visit the players who are in the same game room with you.
  2. configuring Garena or Tunngle, start the game.
  3. Open the console by pressing "~" ( "E").If you are having difficulties, then this function is disabled.To enable it, go to "Settings / Keyboard / Mouse / Enable debug console."
  4. After that, open the console and enter the following command: mp_gamemode coop (co-op), mp_gamemode versus (toget
    her players battle) or mp_gamemode survival (survival mode).Press the enter button.
  5. Next, open the list of maps - enter map_l4d and you will see it.Remember, you can not select the card you selected mode inappropriate games.
  6. After selecting your server card opens.


not enough to create a server in the left 4 dead, it needs to be set up correctly for a comfortable game.This will help the console.Consider the most necessary commands to administer:

  1. Set Password: sv_password 1000. The value of "1000" is the password, instead of it, you can register any which you like.
  2. exception Player of the game: kick Gamer.Instead of «Gamer» you will need to enter the nickname of the player you want to exclude.
  3. Change difficulty: z_difficulty easy.Instead of «easy» can prescribe a higher complexity, eg «normal», «hard», «expert».
  4. Change game card: changelevel_l4d_farm01_hulltop.Instead of «farm01_hulltop» you can register any desired card.

These are the basic commands you need to know each administrator to maintain control on the server.Thus, you can adjust the game itself without a vote, with the participation of other players.You can also get rid of the cheaters to bother.