How to create an avatar?

How to create an avatar?

Many people today are addicted to online games, they help to relieve stress after a hard day, calm down, and just relax.

One of the most popular and interesting games among Internet users - Avatar.It is quite easy to learn and quickly pulled into a fun fantasy world, helping to relax and dragging a virtual life of adventure.

How to create a new game avatars

happens that in the course of the game there are various problems that result becomes impossible to continue the game.In this case, you can create a new one.There are several ways to create a new game, they are quite simple, so do not be a problem in the performance.Try everything if you do not help the first option, proceed to the second and so on.

Option One

  • remove applications from the social network, and reinstall it.
  • Do not forget to clean the cookies, in order to remove unnecessary information.

Option Two

  • wait several seconds, for example, a week, and then re-install the application.For many it has helped, perhaps, and help u

Option third

  • please contact Technical Support.Awaiting response may be several hours or several days.

Option fourth

  • uninstalling the game from your account.
  • Clean the cookies and cache, delete browser history.

These are several options to help solve the problem and continue to play your favorite game.Play a game of Avatar 2, we will not succeed, because the game developers are working again.It will be available only if you decide to create an avatar for yourself 2. In the meantime, we can only enjoy what is available and wait for an updated version of the game.The first part of Avatar you can create different game events to your taste.

How to create an event in Avatar

  1. Go to the app in any social network.
  2. We click "Create Event."
  3. We click "Places" where we choose a location for a future event.
  4. settings and click "Create."

games very much, to suit different tastes, they may apply, free of charge, using 3D technology, which completely immerses the player into the game world.They are so create a sense of reality that a person can lose touch with reality, which helps, at least temporarily forget about their problems and get away.

Play can be helpful if you do it in moderation, do not stay up late, do not cross the border that separates the average person from gamers ready to give up everything for the chance to play a little bit.