How to create a bot ?

How to create a bot ?

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How to create a bot?

Moba Online games genre, which became the ancestor of DOTA, are now widely used.Multiplayer mode allows you to play over LAN or online.But it is not always possible multiplayer options.In order to enjoy the game itself, you want to create bots.

Create bot in Dote

  1. Log in single or multiplayer game mode.
  2. Choose a card depending on the version and always with the initials AI (the presence of bots) and take it by clicking the Create button (Create).
  3. In the window you will see two of Clan: dark and light.Choose a clan, for which the gamer will play (ie you) and put in the opposite clan bots.
  4. maximum number of bots - five.But there is a special card with a maximum of six.
  5. window Press "Start Game".
  6. In the first minute of the game to enter the appropriate modes (AP, AR, SD, etc.).
  7. Enjoy the game.

Create bot to COP

Bots can be created in other games.A striking example is the online shooter Counter-Strike, referred to popularly as the "Cont

ra".This FPS (first person shooter) quite popular around the world.It is a decoration for any eSports competitions, where teams with each other to decide who is the strongest in the game.But if you do not cyber sportsman, in Counter-Strike can be played alone against the bots.How to add bots to the Constitutional Court.

Option 1

  1. View game and click on the sections of the Local Game.Select the parameters of the game (card loans at the beginning of the game, the password to the game, etc.).
  2. Press "play" and start the download locations.
  3. After downloading and appears on the screen of sight is required to press the key H. As a result, the screen will display a menu where you can select the bots - section Add bot.Number of boats depends on the number of clicks on the list.

Option 2

  1. After downloading and appears on the screen sight, press the tilde ( "~" in the upper left corner of the keyboard).
  2. console menu is displayed.
  3. this menu to register cheat bot_add and always add an insert _ct - the emergence of counter-terrorist robot or _t - the emergence of a single terrorist.
  4. number of bots depends on the number of clicks to cheat console.

Bots can not only add but also remove.This process is described in the article How to remove bots.If you do not know anything about bots, you read the article What is a bot.