How to create a platoon ?

How to create a platoon ?

tired of playing alone?Do you dream to try his hand in the company of friends?Or simply want to diversify computer games?Then the game Platoon - this is exactly what you need.

To begin with, what is a platoon?Platoon is a group consisting usually of two or three players and constantly gets in a particular battle or team.If very briefly, the platoon - a mini-team inside a huge team.

How to create a platoon in WoT

As a rule, the creation of a platoon for the "wolves" of the game is not much trouble, but for beginners it causes some difficulties.

Let's start.

  1. Open abilities selection window, which is located under the button "to fight!".
  2. choose "Platoon" from the dropdown.Note that after this will appear in your hangar 2 window: "Invite the platoon" and "Platoon."
  3. Click on the "Invite the platoon" and in the window that opens from the list of your friends choose the one we want to invite.Then click on the "Invite".
  4. confirmation expected to join the squad from his friend.
  5. After confirmation notice that your friend has joined the platoon close the invitation window.
  6. to participate in fights in a platoon, select the hangar military equipment and expect to confirm the readiness of other members of the platoon.
  7. Important!You have the option to filter the number of persons from whom you would like to receive invitations to the platoon.To perform this task, go to "Settings" - "Game" in the window that opens, mark the line "Accept invitations only from your friends."Then press "OK" button.

How to create a platoon Robocraft

If you do not know how to create squads in the popular game robocraft, refer to these instructions:

  1. We provide access to social menu.To do this, press the L key or Tab.
  2. Next, enter the player nickname, which is planning to invite the platoon.
  3. After that, click on the Invite button.
  4. awaiting confirmation from the player.
  5. to wait until the beginning of the battle the appearance of notification that all the players are ready for battle.Battle and press the key.

aware of your correct name depends on whether or not receive an invitation to your friend.Therefore, we enter the nickname exactly as it is written.